Seasonal Changes-4

COMMUTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND NON COMMUTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [I care about you both equally]

I hope you are all having a lovely day! Lovely days are the best days! Don’t you agree?! 

For this blog, I would like to do a round up of all of the best tips&tricks I have learned throughout the last semester!

1. SLEEP: This has been a common topic in my blogs but that just goes to show how important it is! You have to be well rested in order to handle all of the stress of school and commuting and just general life! Please be sure to get enough sleep so that you can live your best life!

2. BE PREPARED: When you commute, you do not have the luxury of taking a five minute speed-walk back home if you forget something. Once you arrive at your University there is no turning back. This is why it is so important for you to double check everything before you leave to ensure that you have not forgotten anything at home. One of my favorite tricks is to leave myself post it notes in places where I always look! This way I am sure to have everything I need to be successful in my day!

3. CHECK GAS PRICES: When you live in Illinois and commute to a school in Wisconsin, you learn very quickly that there are some price related benefits to traveling outside of your state every day. Namely, the gas prices are significantly cheaper in Wisconsin than they are in Illinois. Obviously, this may not be the case for every commuter student, but the logic remains the same. Always be on the lookout for exceptionally cheap gas prices. After all of the driving you are doing, any way you can save money is extremely helpful! Try to make it into a little game! Compete against yourself to spot the cheapest station! Whatever works best for you.

4. ALWAYS HAVE SNACKS: Let’s face it.. you’re going to get hungry throughout your day. Whether it is in the car or in the classroom, having snacks with you is truly a live saver! Always be sure to bring a variety of snacks with you. I love having a variety of options with me. I usually bring a fruit, a bag of chips and a package of fruit snacks with me at the very least! This way, I know I have something to rely on just in case I need it! There is nothing worse than an angry tummy!

5. BE POSITIVE: Last but certainly not least, I recommend staying positive. Through the ups and the downs which are bound to come about during your commuting experience, I strongly encourage you to look on the bright side of each situation. I noticed that when I tried to do this, I was immediately rewarded with a brighter attitude and a better day. Think about all of the rewards of commuting instead of the ways it may have negatively impacted you. I promise this will be beneficial for you; mentally, emotionally and physically!

While I have certainly learned a lot throughout my first semester as a college commuter, these are the five tips&tricks which I consider to be the most important! I hope this list is beneficial to you! Please feel free to comment any relevant stories/advice below!