Soothing similairities


I am super pumped to be typing these words right now.

I am here to talk to you about the beauty that is a daily commute. Making the same hour-long drive, at the same time, four days a week has allowed me to recognize the wonderful phenomena that is repetition.

There is something soothing about seeing the exact same people, cars and places every day that makes the commute bearable. Each morning, I look forward to exchanging a friendly wave with the older gentleman who walks along the beginning of my route. I get excited when I see the herd of horses gathered together in a field about halfway through my commute.

Being a commuter affords you this opportunity. You are able to see the world through a different lens than others can. You have the ability to see the beauty that surrounds you in all of the ordinary places and people you pass throughout your drive.

I hope that this blog post reminds you of that. I hope that you are able to consider your commute a blessing instead of a burden.