Friends, I think I’ve got a really good blog for you today… so pay attention. (Get it?!)

So, today I was driving to school as usual. Just cruising along and minding my own business. I was about 20 minutes into my drive and I still had a ways to go. Suddenly, I look behind me and saw a police car with its sirens on!

First of all, I have never even been pulled over in my life! However, I did my best to remain calm. When the officer approached the car she asked if I knew why I had been pulled over. Truthfully, I wasn’t 100% sure, but I asked if I had been speeding because it seems like that is the most common reason a person gets pulled over. She said that I had in fact been speeding but more importantly I had been speeding in a school zone AND a child was present.

Now, this is the important part of the story because it’s the part where I learned something… so pay attention!! (Ha)

First, I learned that it is really flippin easy to get comfortable with your commute. Think about it, you drive on the same roads twice a day several days a week. It’s not shocking to think that a person may get comfortable with their route and forget to pay attention to the little things along the way. This reminded me to always be alert while driving. Even if I know the route well.

The other takeaway I got from this was that not all officers are bad. Sure, there are some members of the force who let their power go to their head. But there truly are good officers out there. The officer I encountered today was kind and thoughtful. She did not raise her voice with me nor did she make me feel fearful. She gave me a warning and was very sure to remind me to be a careful driver. I am not really trying to do anything with this post other than put it out there as a positive reminder to pay attention and try to treat all people with respect. More often than not, doing these things will benefit you in the end.

Have a wonderful week friends!