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Pre-Cons? A Commander player’s best friend

As I mentioned last week, its time to finally discuss Pre-cons. What are they, what makes them so useful, are they expensive, Is it hard to understand? I intend to address all these questions and explain why Commander pre-cons are… Continue Reading →

A change of pace!

In case you were curious about this week I will be breaking down banned cards and house rules its not going to be extremely long but I think its good information none the less. So first off like most TCG… Continue Reading →

Power Level part 2

Hey everyone! This week is part 2 of the power level explanation started the week prior. Hope your all having a great spring break thus far. Seeing as its still break time this post won’t be extremely long but it… Continue Reading →

MTG Power Levels Part 1

So we have talked a good deal about Commander and lots of ideas behind it. Lots of deck building and tips have been talked about. But one thing I have waited to touch on is called power level. To make… Continue Reading →

Ninjas, Ninjas, and some weird Eldritch horror type stuff

This is the deck list I’ve been most excited to share as its my personal favorite deck that I’ve made. I’m going to explain what ninjas unique mechanic is right away so it saves us some time here! So how… Continue Reading →

A break in deck list

The plan this week was to post a deck list but I changed my mind and instead wanted to talk about commander from a set standpoint. By this I mean what to look for in new sets as a commander… Continue Reading →

The Big Theme: Tribal

I mentioned last week that I planned to talk about Tribal decks in greater detail. There is a reason to this actually, Tribal seen by many as the best deckbuilding theme is one that has the most detail. What is… Continue Reading →

Monoblack vampire themed deck

As mentioned last week we are going to be posting a Deck list similar to the last with Pictures for most creatures and a few instant/sorcery’s with pictures. Commander – Drana, The Last Bloodchief Creatures 1 Mana – These cards… Continue Reading →

Theming and Some examples of it

This week is a simple week because we are going to talk about theming. What makes a deck themed? What are some themes? Why would I theme? Questions such as this are important ones that needs be answered. I intend… Continue Reading →

The First Deck list!

As I mentioned before this will be our first post that includes a full Decklist. In MTG we have 100 card decks but Basic lands do make up a Fair amount so those will be grouped together to make the… Continue Reading →

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