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Robin Room this week

Several days this week we made and played with playdough.

This has been an interest for many of the children – whether it is mixing the dough or smashing it with our hands. Making dough like this is our first steps into cooking experiences. While we do encourage everyone to use their hands with the dough, everyone tastes it once in a while (some more often). On Wednesday we tried making textured dough by adding rice to the recipe. This did not work, the rice continues to fall out of the dough. Now we know 🙂

Any interesting stories or playdough recipes you can share?


I have a few other videos of the group playing that I would like to share with you.

We are beginning to play and interact with each other more and more. On Friday we had several children working on when and how to give hugs. The first step is to ask if the other person wants a hug, wait for their response (also modeling how the other child could respond) and then to hug without tipping over.

Do you have any phrases or routines you use when your child is engaging with others?