In Honor of Game of Thrones – Brewers Players as Thrones Characters

  • Orlando Arcia (#3 SS) – Greyworm, because of his incredible defensive talents in the infield and ability to protect the ball from getting to the outfield.
  • Lorenzo Cain (#6 OF) – Jorah Mormont – his ability to protect when needed i.e. robbing home runs and being incredibly talented defensively.
  • Eric Thames (#7 1B/OF) – Khal Drogo purely off of looks of just pure intimidation and hair style and beard Continue reading “In Honor of Game of Thrones – Brewers Players as Thrones Characters”

My Thoughts on BleacherReport’s 2019 Projections

This blog post will focus on my thoughts based upon the article written by Joel Reuter of Bleacher Report. I will be focusing my attention at the portion of the article that looks at the NL Central Division which is where the Brewers are located.

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Brewers Notable 2019 Off-Season Roster Moves

With the 2019 MLB season getting underway with spring training games starting soon, lets take a look at some notable moves the Brewers have made this off-season. Although it’s almost impossible to beat the Brewer’s off-season last year of signing Lorenzo Cain and this years NL MVP Christian Yelich the Crew have still went out looking to make their team better.

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