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The Place with the Pigs

Posted in Uncategorized on September 2nd, 2021 by Eric Appleton

First day of classes for the new semester! Due to pandemic issues, we were late in choosing the first title of the season, but did our best to catch up on design work over the summer. We’re doing Athol Fugard’s “The Place with the Pigs,” which is the tale of a Russian WWII deserter who spent forty years hiding in a pig sty. Our director, Bruce Cohen, finds the deserter’s wife the more compelling character and has chosen to shift focus to her.

The design concept uses screens and projections and an otherwise bare stage. Upstage, projectors will be housed in ‘guard towers’ to suggest the observation of both neighbors and the state.

Now we have just five weeks to get the whole shebang together. Hopefully the pandemic will not worsen and we will be able to present the show before a live audience!