Toil and Trouble and Pink Thunderbird

Forward! “Toil and Trouble” heads into tech next week, “The Emperor’s New Clothes” started rehearsal the other day, and I’m furiously drafting plates for “1959 Pink Thunderbird.”

Today in shop, student set designer Lilliana finalized her paint treatment samples for the floor:

So that I could paint the floor while she planned the sofa and the prop shelf that goes behind the sofa:

After I got the base colors in and grained it, she did some spattering:

At the same time, lights are being circuited:

And in the shop, Nathan works on the loooooong ramp:

The director (Angela Iannone) requested a larger coffee table, so here’s the improved version as the primer dries:

Then to round things out, one of the elevations for “1959 Pink Thunderbird,” on my drafting table, waiting for things like borders and a title block.