Rounding Third

It’s a rather light week in the shop. With the structure of the set accommodating both of the summer plays, it’s mainly just repainting things and installing some specialty items.

One side of the rotating flats will be used in the bar and gymnasium. Those were easy to paint, and here are the center panels, installed.

The other side is a sky filled with clouds. We painted those on Friday. I painted these two to solidify the technique I wanted to use:

Then it was Lilliana’s turn. It was her first time painting clouds:

Here’s Katie working on one of the fence sections, while Nathan’s in the back there, grinding something down:

Here are Nathan, Katie, and Alex installing one of the cloud panels this morning:

And then Katie supervising Alex and Nathan on trimming excess muslin from the center panels:

A bit later, Katie paints the base of the rebuilt bar table:

And here’s her to-do list from Friday:

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