We have dry tech for “Poe Xs 2” this afternoon. I took Thursday off, as the only painting left to do was the Renaissance painting that Lilliana was working on. Today we’ll tackle the fabric and final elements together. Here’s where she was on Wednesday morning:

Since she wasn’t in to work on it Wednesday morning, I went ahead and painted the paneling at the top and bottom the flat:

I also aged some paper for the “Black Cat” half of the show:

At the start of Wednesday morning, all four central flip panels were up:

Here’s Alex and Nathan trimming the excess muslin off one of the side panels:

And then Katie and Nathan installing the panel in its frame:

Other projects included finishing up the hanging and circuiting (since Quinn, the LD would start focus on Thursday):

And dismantling the risers in order to set them in their new arrangement. Nathan’s under there somewhere.

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