Sweeney Todd

The flats for “Sweeney Todd” are almost all framed and covered; I think this is the last of them, with Joe there on the side figuring something out:

On the other hand, not everything goes according to plan. As I started to sketch out the detail I discovered this flat had been put together backwards. Back into the shop to pop the facing, reverse it, and recover it.

Onstage, TA Brian works with one of the Intro students to attach the beam that runs along the front of the platforming:

I was back in the Hicklin doing the sketching on the flats. Here’s one just laid out:

And one nearing completion:

Allison was also in the Hicklin, and here she is spattering a panel:

. . . and then starting to brush in the base on the next one:

Because of the size of the show and the short amount of time we have to get it done, our TD Steve has declared a rare Saturday work day tomorrow. I’m, however, going to do some propping and read through the Econ department’s self-study for the Audit and Review Committee. Ah, the joys of academia!

Oh, and did I mentioned that the full draft of the book is due on Monday?

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