Sweeney Todd

After sending off some chunks of the book to the publisher so the technical editor can start doing what technical editors do, I headed down to the shop to build a prototype razor for ‘Sweeney Todd.’ My friend, master props artisan Nikki Hansen, is building us the blood delivery razors, but Pirelli still needs one, and Sweeney needs some non-bloody delivery ones. Now the actors have safe ones to use in rehearsal.

This afternoon, we’re heading out to pick up the harmonium!

It was nice to find out yesterday (or at least have clarified) that it’s just the complete first draft that’s due on the first. That draft is then sent out to a reviewer for comment. We will get the draft back at the end of Februaryish, and then have March to do final edits before the actual real total deadline of April 1st. My panic level dropped just a smidgen!

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