I Hate Hamlet, Three Excellent Cows, Radium Girls

It was down to the wire, but “I Hate Hamlet” opened last night. The muslin for the sky arrived yesterday morning, the final trim went up in the afternoon, but it’s done. I think all of us agree that we were prefer not to cut it so close ever again.

Here is a photo from fight call (featuring Dennis and Nick) before the final dress, with the set arranged for act one:

Here is the stage set up for the second act:

During yesterday’s work call, one of the tasks was paint touch-up. Here’s ASM and TA Lilliana seeking out unpainted ends and bits:

I finally finished the globe that is also a bar:

And then headed to the office to draft a plate for “Three Excellent Cows,” which will start getting built this afternoon.

As well as work through some ideas for “Radium Girls,” since we have another production meeting this afternoon.

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