The Tender Land

We opened “The Tender Land” on Sunday, so here are a few photos from the final dress rehearsal on Saturday.

Directed by Jim Butchart, scenic design by Eric Appleton, costume design by Tracey Lyons, lighting design by Steve Chene, props manager student Quinn Bauer, Music Director and conductor Bob Gehrenbeck, stage managed by student Allison Lozar.

I was learning a new camera, so between it and the LED fixtures (which, we’re finding, play havoc with digital cameras) out of the 300 shots I took, about forty were decent, even even those had a fair amount of image blowout on the actors and color shifting on costumes.

First, here are stage manager Allison and backstage crew member Lilliana having a brief break after the stage is swept and mopped:

The party scene, as Laurie emerges from the house:

The end of act two, as Laurie decides to leave the farm for good:

And while my camera has trouble with real things, it does have a number of built in filters. Here’s a moment of the party scene through the sepia filter:

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