The Winter’s Tale

Preview night for The Optimist Theatre’s production of “The Winter’s Tale:”

Part of the Milwaukee skyline at sunset as we begin.

The end of the introductory dance, with Hermione and Leontes downstage center.

Leontes begins to explain his suspicions to Antigonus.

Paulina begs Leontes to accept the baby as his daughter.

After distaster, Leontes begins to accept the magnitude of his delusion.

Antigonus about to leave the baby on the shores of Bohemia.

Perdita and Florizel get ready for the sheep shearing.

Dion, Paulina, and Leontes, reflecting over the events of the past fifteen years.

In Paulina’s hall, marveling at the statue of Hermione.

Tomorrow, opening night, will be Friday the 13th. With a full moon.

It was also nice to note that a UW-Whitewater graduate, Lexie Higgins, was working as assistant stage manager on this production.

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