The Winter’s Tale

Some pictures from last night’s dress rehearsal. Once again, the temperature got down to an unseasonable 56 degrees. . .

. . . so as the night went on, all of us at the tech table donned hoodies and blankets. Here’s stage manager Claire and board operator Ashley against the skyline of Milwaukee at dusk.

In Sicilia, at the court of Leontes. Hermione convinces Polixenes to extend his visit. Our director, ML, was very pleased to discover that even though the show begins in daylight, lighting still brought a degree of dimensionality and interest to the stage. The stage floor will be painted tomorrow.

The trial of Hermione.

The top of the second act, as Time tells us we’ve jumped fifteen years forward.

The return to Sicilia, as Leontes and Paulina take about the dear deeparted Hermione.

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