Romeo and Juliet and Into the Woods

First, since we have rotating units that get used from all angles and they’ve already started blocking and fight choreography, I’ve started putting together some rough models Romeo and Juliet can have in rehearsal to better understand what that have to work with.

Then, in the shop, we’re starting in on trees and tree frames for Woods. We’re painting all the bits of the frames before assembly — which will make life much, much easier.

Since we’re going to eighteen feet on threes, we have to lengthen the sonotube elements. In the back, there, TA Keri works on covering the tubes with muslin in preparation for painting.

My project for the afternoon was working on the giant hand. The fingers will eventually be articulated, but I wanted them to at least get to work with it for size and weight over the weekend.

And here’s TA Anna lost in the forest. . .

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