La Musica Lirica

Our final performance took us back to Cesena, though this time to the Biblioteca Malatestiana, the oldest public library in the world (550 years old). It was quite difficult to find, as the signs in Cesena pointed you toward the library, but the facade itself was under construction with no clear signage from the street. First a few photos on the road to Cesena.

17 on the way to cesena

18 on wayto cesena 2

19 roundabout on way to cesnea

One of the nice things about driving in Italy is the interesting art that gets placed in the roundabouts.

20 on way to cesena

This sign was actully posted right next to the courtyard entrance we were supposed to turn into. Certainly made it feel as though the library was still a little ways off.

26 front of library cesena

This is the front facade of the library. The only signage is there, above the door, behind the scaffolding. Since it was siesta time, no one was around.

21 found the library

But, thanks to our intrepid driver Claudio, we figured out where to go.

31 the venue in cesena

The courtyard, like the library, was from the 15th century.

22 library cesena

This was one of the few outdoor venues that had lighting as well as masking flats. Once again, facilities were a bit primitive; two portapotties back stage for the whole cast.

23 cesena

The stage set up for Lucia.

27 board in cesena

We ended the run with an analog board.

27.5hook up du jour cesena

The hookup du jour.

30 dinner breakcesena

On dinner break, a chance to walk around Cesena. Unlike last time, we were actually in the city center. This is the plaza in front of the library.

24 dinner break cesena

Down the street, a romanesque church — the unseen right side had a seriously baroque apse added to it.

28 mannerist fountain cesena

A plaza near the castle, with a seriously Mannerist fountain.

29 dinner break cesena

This was across from the fountain.

32 lucia in cesena

Finally, Lucia in performance. It would have been a stellar evening if we hadn’t been competing with a Rolling Stones concert, apparently over at the castle. It lent an extra urgency to the performance. The final act was accompanied by the yowling of mating cats on the cloister roof behind the stage. If a singer can hold his or her own against all of that, they’re doing okay.

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