La Musica Lirica

01 we find the venue in Cesena

On this day, the GPS directed us to a strange corner of Cesena. It turned out that we were performing in the central plaza of this bank building.

02 the stairs in cesena

A fellow came out and told us we couldn’t park on the plaza itself, instead telling us to park in a vacant grassy area next to the building. This meant lugging all the scenery up these stairs. The fellow then vanished, until after several frantic phone calls, he emerged an hour or so later with an interpreter to show us the dressing areas. . .

03 setting up in cesena

A view of the stage from behind, as we set up.

06 the stage set up in cesena

And the stage, finished.

04 searching for dinner in cesena

One of the challenges of Italy is the fact that everything shuts down in the middle of the day for the siesta, including many restaurants. We had to wander a fair distance, accidentally finding ourselves here (which a few days later we learned was pretty close to the city center), to find the first open pizzeria. Since the performers didn’t arrive until about five, they had no problem finding places to eat.

05 figaro gelato in cesena

On the other hand, gelato seems constantly available, and the shop across from the pizzeria had some of the best gelato of the trip. The Figaro flavor was particularly good.

07 sean houston in cesena

The audience arrives, and here is lighting intern Sean Houston at the board.

08 suor in cesena

Suor Angelica in performance in Cesena.

09 matrimono in cesena

And La Cambiale di Matrimonio in performance.

10 cloudy on way to rimini with san leo

The next day we returned to the Castel Sismondo in Rimini to perform Lucia di Lammermoor. It was rainy as we set out; Renee (the set designer), myself, and Claudio, our driver, left late. The crew was to follow. A picture from along the way — that’s San Leo foggy in the distance on the right.

11 stephanie help set up in rimini

Here’s costume designer Stephanie Henderson helping me set up the music stands for the orchestra. Setting up the pit became my special project night after night after night.

12 alex checks the stage in rimini

Stage manager Alex checks out the stage from the house.

12 dinne rbreak in rimini

On dinner break, passing through the piazza.

13 plaza of three martyrs in rimini

The Plaza of the Three Martyrs, in Rimini. This is the site of the intersection of two ancient Roman roads.

14 malatesta in rimini

The curious Renaissance Malatesta church.

15 tiberius arch in rimini

The arch of Tiberius.

16 Francois arrives in Rimini

Director Francois Loup arrives at the Castel.

17view from the light board in rimini

The audience arrives.

18 hookup du jour rimini

The hookup du jour.

19 lucia in rimini

And finally, Lucia in performance.

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