Much Ado About Nothing

much ado 3

In the downtime between La Musica Lirica and getting ready for the new semester, I agreed to quickly do a pro bono design for Madison’s queer community theatre group, Stage Q. The director wanted to place Much Ado in a West Hollywood night club, so the design is based off one of the images she presented. Since I won’t be able to be around for the build, it has to be something that volunteers with no theatre experience can accomplish (since that’s their usual workforce), and possible to build off site but load in in a single day, which must also accommodate the light hang and focus. The “TD” of the Bartell theatre was a bit vague with schedules and dates. The new artistic director of Stage Q wants to push the envelope a bit and aim higher in their production values — we’ll see if they can chew what I’m biting off for them. . .

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