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September 11, 2018 | Leave a Comment

Do you remember where you were when you first heard Kanye West interrupted Taylor Swift at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards? How about you when you heard Michael Jackson had passed away? Did you even bat an eye when Britney Spears shaved off all of her hair?

As a journalism major, I like to stay up to date on all things news; national, international, state, you name it. As a self-proclaimed pop culture junky, I am not ashamed to say that I am mostly reading E!News, TMZ, and US Weekly, my favorite of the three of course being E!News.

E!News, short for Entertainment News, is the most reliable celebrity news site around.

Reliability is the most important thing to me when I am receiving information from a website, which is why I mostly just read TMZ for fun. Often times, I will check a celebrities social media before I believe what a website is telling me.

Originally started in 1987 as a service on TV that aired movie trailers, entertainment news, event and awards coverage, and interviews, E!News has become so much more, especially with the emergence of the internet.

Their website has a very nice layout and is easy to navigate, it is not hard to find what you originally came looking for. While E!News offers a variety of different medias to view their story, I prefer the old fashioned way of reading text. Sometimes I will scroll through photos, but I almost never view stories in the audio or video format.

I find that reading the story rather than viewing it allows me to consume the information at my own pace, which would be why a text format is  my favorite way to receive news.

Instagram is my social media of choice, I do not use Twitter, and I hardly ever use Facebook. So, while Facebook and Twitter hardly ever lead me to news, Instagram often does.

One of the best things E!News has done is link up their Instagram with their website. As someone who receives a lot celebrity news straight from social media, the fact that I can click the photo on their Instagram and have it take me to the story is very convenient.

However, as much as I love E!News, sometimes I will just do a quick Google search for a specific celebrity I would like news on. As a big Taylor Swift fan, I do this often to make sure I am always up to date on everything Swift. Often times, when I find news this way, I just click the first link or whichever story I have not read yet.

When I was younger I used to comment a lot on posts about Taylor Swift with the desperate dream that she would see my comment defending her and immediately reach out and be my friend. In case you were wondering, that never happened.

While I do not post comments with the same agenda now, nor do I even really post comments, I do dabble in the occasional, “LEAVE TAYLOR SWIFT ALONE” comment (Que video of Chris Crocker defending Britney Spears circa 2007).

Aside from celebrity gossip blogs, I read a lot of travel, lifestyle, and fashion blogs. Zoe Sugg, better known for her online persona Zoella, is by far my favorite blogger. Her posts are always lighthearted and fun, all while keeping me in the loop about what is trending.


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