Adam Frohmader

After watching the three videos above, there is something that begins to take shape here, and that is that in almost every aspect of our lives, we are connected to the media digitally, which should not come as a surprise, considering that most of us have smartphones, computers, televisions, etc. But another common theme that can be seen here is that people will take media that is already copyrighted by its original creator, and will experiment with the media, whether that it is by editing parts of the clip to make dialogue to sound different or whatever it may be, everyone everywhere has access to some form of media that they can use to integrate their own ideas into something that has already been created for the general public to see. Another common theme that shows up in these videos is the idea of a Participatory Culture, which essentially means that instead of pressing on a certain issue or topic, the person that is reading what is written can participate in the conversation by offering their ideas, and can feel like that the environment that they are in is welcoming, and that their ideas and their voice can be heard.

Got any book recommendations?