Henry Jenkins

Henry Jenkins is a media scholar, Peter de Florez Professor of Humanities and Co-Director of the MIT Comparative Media Studies. He also is a author of multiple books. In the first video, he talks about the ideas of transmedia storytelling which is essentially telling the same story across different platforms using different digital tech. The public is taking media and recreating, responding, and innovating stories and media outlets in different ways. It is constantly changing. Transmedia Storytelling as well as media convergence can take place on a very large scale or on a very small scare. Media convergence is a story being carried across multiple platforms, essentially the interconnectedness of communication technologies. Transmedia storytelling as well as media convergence is not just in mass media, it can also be used by individuals. Henry Jenkins continues to reference teenagers in their bedrooms and how much control they have over media and the impact certain decisions make on mass media and media as a whole. The video listed in the middle just provides well known examples of Transmedia storytelling and has diagrams to further display how it works.