Falling Down

The rock band Happyness, comes from London where a group of three individuals decided to come together and create some of the most interesting music anyone has heard. The band has been able to make their first tour in 2013 that started in November of that year. Instantly their popularity has grown by the thousands from that moment on and their new album that was just released this month, still holds up to what they are known for. From the first song on their album Falling down, which gives us the guitar solos that make us want to keep listening until they break into their great vocals. To even the last song on their album Tunnel Vision on your part in which they have an upbeat tone set to a ghostly set of lyrics. This album all together has the music that all die heart fans were looking for and more. That is why this album is one that has to be listened to over and over again to get the full grasp of each and every song. Happyness has only been getting better throughout the years and we can only wait to find out what amazing things that they will show us next.


– Howard M


Charly Bliss is a Brooklyn born and bred band consisting of perky vocalist/guitarist Eva Hendricks, a cutesy blonde with a firecracker personality on the mic. The second guitarist and former child actor, Spencer Fox, is known for the speedy son Dash in the critically acclaimed movie The Incredibles. However, we can infer Fox is determined to show off his awesome guitar skills to prove he’s more than a former Disney Star. Drummer Sam Hendricks, Eva’s older brother, hits his kit rapidly to keep up with his sister’s speedy voice. Bassist Dan Shure plucks his strings with a deep twang to balance out the high pitch of Eva’s vocals, making the sound overall goes smoothly. Charly Bliss is overall reminiscent of the 90s Indi sound and be described as the hyperactive younger cousin of Weezer and The Strokes. I can say with certainty they would make Julian Casablancas and Rivers Cuomo proud.

– Jon B


No Middle Name

Fondness is reminiscent of the 80s British independent music scene, and what a breath of fresh air it is! There isn’t too much dust on this retro sound which bring the back fond memories of larger than life groups such as The Smiths and The Stone Roses. No Middle Name Consists of only one member, the talented David Bailey, one half of the duo The Title Sequence. Bailey sings sentiment lyrics about serious life events. His crooning is about the ones he desires or the existential crises youth all around the world grow from. Overall, I cannot recommend this man enough!

– Jon B

Five Alarm Funk

The album Sweat will make the glands of a funk enthusiast work overtime when they cannot resist dancing its fast-paced rhythms. The Vancouver based band Five Alarm Funk are eight members with over a decade’s worth of knowledge about groove under their belt. Sweat contains the cry of high pitched horns and the groaning of a sonorous bass. Lead vocalist Tayo Branston guides his seven band mates in fun loving chanting while guitars enthusiastically plucked and drums are tapped with avidity. The feel-good vibes of this album will cheer up the most stressed individuals and will send them into a dopamine fueled funk frenzy.

– Jon B


Hurray for the Riff Raff

Everyone has desired to run away from home at one point during their childhood. Alynda Segarra did just that at the age of seventeen. A Bronx native, she hopped on the car of a freight train and rode off into the sunset to start her musical career. Segarra, along with her band, are known as Hurray for the Riff Raff. They are an indie rock group, yet the listener will discover a folk sound deep in their roots along with a hint of Latin flair. Their album, The Navigator, tells the tale of Segarra’s hardships and the pride she possesses for her Porto Rican heritage. The songs are gentle and light, yet, heavy with emotion. Segarra cannot be solely categorized as a musician, she’s just as complex her music. She is a jack of all trades, a songwriter, a storyteller, and a survivor.

– Jon B