91.7 The Edge, WSUW-FM, is a student run radio station that has been on the air in Whitewater since 1966. With its tower atop Hyer Hall, The Edge reaches the surrounding communities of Whitewater, Palmyra, Fort Atkinson, East Troy, and Watertown. 91.7 The Edge plays alternative, hip-hop, and metal music along with a great lineup of specialty shows including a variety of music from jazz to EDM. The station offers a wide array of opportunities for students from all majors to gain relevant experience in the broadcasting field. Whether it be announcing, marketing, sports, production, or news; 91.7 The Edge is a creative outlet for those individuals who seek a rewarding professional experience working in the entertainment industry.




Our Team


photo%20for%20stationAmanda Gilbert

Position: Station Manager

Hey! My name is Amanda and when I was nine years old I used to pause my cds and introduce the next song like I was on air. I’m a Junior this year, but this is my 6th year working with 91.7 The Edge. I am a frequent viewer of the Georgia Aquarium webcams and I love Taylor Swift more than just about everything. One day I hope to take over The American Top 40 and host the Grammy’s!!


jonJon Gagner

Position: Program Director

Hello! I’m Jon and I love going to concerts such as Rush, Paul McCartney, and Boston. I will just about do anything I can to go see a concert. I have a show called “Spinnin it” here on 91.7 the edge. I hope you enjoy all of the music we play here!


rachelRachel Charniak

Position: Promotions Director

Hello! My name is Rachel and I am a Junior at UW-Whitewater. I am from Appleton, WI, and in my free time I love passionately belting out (although not well) showtunes, laughing at memes, and hanging out with friends. My favorite TV shows are Jane the Virgin and The Golden Girls, and my favorite movie is Moulin Rouge. It is my belief that Ice Cream is the best food to have ever been invented; specifically Cookie Dough Ice Cream. I have a small obsession with eyeglasses, however that wasn’t always so. When I first got glasses in 1st grade, I cried about it until I saw that Carl from Jimmy Neutron had glasses, then I loved them and it hasn’t stopped. I’m a pretty upbeat person, so I love talking to people and making new friends!


FB_IMG_1498602516936Tom Fuerst

Position: Music Director

I’m Tom! I love music and will talk about any kind! Feel free to suggest music for me to listen to, as I’m always searching! Also feel free to visit me when I’m in my office or ask me about any possible questions!


DanDan Miller

Position: News Director

Hello! My name is Dan and I am a Senior from Antioch, Illinois. I am majoring in Broadcast Journalism with a minor in History and Advertisement. Music has always been a big part of my life, and my favorite band is Houndmouth. There is rarely a time when I am not playing music, or looking for new music to listen to. So working at a radio station playing music is like the perfect thing to do! This is my first year as a member of the radio station, and I am excited to be a part of it and watch it grow! A fun fact about me is that my dream car is a 1968 Corvette.


IMG_4158Connor Moore

Position: Sports Director

Connor is a senior from Chicago. He is a man of very few words so this bio is very short and to the point.  He is not only the Sports Director of 91.7 The Edge, but he can also be found down the hall at UWWTV as one of the co-sports directors.  He has a great sense of humor so test out your corny jokes on him!

Fun Fact: He sang in Show Choir and in Musicals in High School!