In Loving Memory is the debut EP by the Los Angeles based artist Saro. The album represents what someone is going through after the loss of love and the stages of mourning that go along with that loss. You can really tell that this is supposed to be sad as all of the songs sound very sad and full of anguish. It made me feel sad and I’ve never had love to lose so that tells you how effective the sad tone of the album is. The album also has some themes that repeat themselves in different songs. There are two different songs where Saro mentions the hollowness of humans which really makes the nice and happy cover art a trap to listen to these sad songs.

This is also one of those albums where the songs all flow into each other to make it sound smoother, you can just leave the album on and not even know if the songs you are playing are different songs. It does have the age-old classic of breakup songs where there’s a lyric that talks about how Saro thought he would be with this person till they both die. It’s a very minor nitpick but I’ve heard it so many times in breakup songs that it gets predictable after a while. All in all, I enjoyed this album as Saro has a very nice voice and you can feel his emotion when he’s singing and it fits well with the tone of the album. If you are going through a break up this might not help all that much but you could be able to relate to it which is always something that is comforting to people. It’s only seven songs and two of those are tiny intervals so it’s short enough to listen to multiple times to really enjoy the songs, I give it a thumbs up.

– Edward R