Ray Cashman, Slow Drag

This Blues band includes: Ray Cashman (Vocal), Bob Bogdal (Harmonica), Mark Robinson (Guitar), Marty Reinsel (Drums), and Joe Johnson (Bass). The album was release in October 2016.

The first song ‘Fame’ sets the tone for the album. The catchy blues beat (guitar) in the beginning gives you a feel to how the whole album will sound like. The lyrics dialogs about what it is like to have fame, and the troubles that it brings.

‘She’s just a girl’ has a tone to make one get up and dance to the song. The lyrics sounds as if Cashman knew a girl who was too young for the blues, however that did not stop her from singing songs.

For a blues album, it makes me want to sit outside on a nice sunny day and enjoy the weather and the music. However, as someone who does not listen to blues often I find the album calming. The album’s beat/tone sounds a little repetitive, however I’m not a blues person to judge.

– Jessica F