Daily Archives: February 7, 2017


The Edge shows appreciation towards a local talent this week! Aaron Mustas, professionally known as MUSTAS, shakes up the independent music scene with his 2017 sophomore album The Hollow’s Howls. A Milwaukee native, MUSTAS possess a deep and powerful voice that delivers bursts of raw emotion to the ears of the listeners. Despite being a newer talent, his sound can be described as old fashion blues rock because of his straightforward guitar playing which screams sensitivity no matter what speed strummed and picked. The lyrics of this album tell stories of being unable to obtain the person you cannot have to the simple melancholy of early mornings. The songs he sings are perfect for walking during a bitter winter afternoon or unwinding on the couch after a hard day. MUSTAS’s albums can be found on his bandcamp page and you will be glad you gave him a moment of your time.
– Jon B