We are excited to announce that on Thursday,  November 20th, 2014 we will be hosting our 24 hour On-Airathon!  Audio technician, Michael Inloes and station manager, Andrew Manthey will be hosting the event.  It will run from noon Thursday to noon Friday.  Check out our Events page for more details! 


Album of the Week 11-7-14

Manchester OrchestraManchester Orchestra has changed their tone for the album Hope which in contrast from prior album, Cope, has a softer mellowed warm overall tone.  With the slower tempos, the listener really gets a chance to capture the lyrical emotions portrayed in the pieces. The album is their fifth studio album and is an acoustical remixed version of the earlier album, Cope. The acoustic versions of the songs show the deeper emotions that are hidden under the “Black and Red” color tone of the tracks on Cope. The notable track “Top Notch” on Cope shows the defensive shell that the gives the “nasty” feel singer Andy Hull intended. One the other hand, the track on Hope shows the vulnerable sensitive and emotional side to the lyrics. The harmony within the new versions create a haunting melody saturated in the raw feelings that anyone can relate to.  The band’s hard work, blood, sweat and tears have proved their worth by showing the versatile talent the band has; from the all-out rock, to dancing, to folk, and back again to grunge their melodies keep you tuned in to the end.  Hope is the completion of the two album set, and it showcases all of their bests. A tip of the cap to these gentlemen, for composing a moving and powerful narrative album, yet again.

New Single!

the-decemberists-what-a-terrible-world-608x608Just three days ago, on November 3, 2014, The Decemberists released their new single, Make You Better.  This is the first release the band has had since their last album in 2012, and it follows the same powerful indie folk rock ballads the band is known for.  The new single will be featured on their album, What a Terrible World, What a Beautiful World, due for release January 20, 2015.  The “Make You Better” music video trailer can be seen here.

Album of the Week?! 10-31-14

coldwarhomelpCold War Kids released there fifth studio album just last week. Reviews have stated that people feel as if their music has been revamped again and is ready for radio.  A lot have noted that they once again hit a new creative sound. After their strong debut album, Robbers and Cowards, many believe that their popularity began to drop off. The opening tracks, “All This Can Be Yours” a strong piano ballad , “First,” a great clap-along tune, and “Hot Coals” a strong classic piece, highlight all of the bands musical strengths.  A contributing factor may be well partially due to the newer members who are formally from the band, Modest Mouse.  Dann Gallucci, former Modest Mouse guitarist, and Joe Plummer, former drummer, have brought a lot to the                                                                table & are shaping the way to a promising future for the band.

Homecoming Wrap-up

WSUW would like to thank everyone who was involved with Homecoming this year; we couldn’t have done it without you!!  We would also like to congratulate every organization that was involved and won events.  Our Blues Brothers theme helped keep everyone in the Homecoming spirit!  Brad Miller and Ethan Wakefield were “the most dangerous combination since Nitro and Glycerin” throughout the entire week.  The Blues Brothers were spotted rocking out on stage at the variety show and cruising through the parade! If you didn’t make it to the variety show, our set can be found on our Facebook page. 91.7 placed first in the variety show!! Come check out the new plaque that will be hanging up in the office soon! If you want one of our super cool T-shirts, stop into the office, they are $5!