Where are we now?

Head on over to the Events page to see where 91.7 will be next! We have a couple of events coming up in the next couple of weeks including our 49th Birthday!!


So If you haven’t heard we are back on air so tune in to The Edge in your car!  The Live Stream is still down so bear with us…  Hope you are ready for an exciting new school year and trust us we have lots in store!  Stay Tuned for more information!

Album of the Week 5-8-15 (Finals Edition!)

Since its almost the end of the year and there is a lot of great new music, it is hard to just choose an Album of the Week.  It is also  hard to get through finals.  So to make both tough situations just a little bit easier on everyone, we have a special edition.  Please enjoy the Finals Playlist to help get you through the next week of finals, moving, and the beginning of summer!

#1 "White Smoke ft. Marina Price" by Manatee Coalition 

#2 "Taste" by Braids
#3 "Don't Wanna Fight" by Alabama Shakes
#4 "Strip Mall in Babylon" by Rose Windows
#5 "Black Mambo" by Glass Animals
#6 "Poison" by Waxahatchee
#7 "Stop Playing With My Heart" by Avid Dancer
#8 "Dark Bird is Home" by Tallest Man on Earth
#9 "Pedestrians at Best" by Courtney Barnett
#10 "Heaven Sent" by Best Coast
#11 "To Die in LA" by Lower Dens

Fund Drive Wrap-up

Even though there was a small crowd Friday night, Apollo Affair and Mike Maimone from the Mutts were a great hit.  You may have even seen the News Director Ashley singing with Mike to some good old Sinatra. Also if you tuned in to The Edge you may have even heard Apollo Affair on air! Saturday night was also a great hit with a local favorite, Atlas On Strike.  They brought in a full crowd and easily could be heard down the block.  If you didn’t get a chance to come out, never fear we have some great events coming your way!

Thank you to all of our sponsors, Coyote Grille for hosting us, all of our staff and students, and the public for making this event possible!

Album of the Week 5-1-15


While many of you have already heard the latest Alabama Shakes album, Sound & Color, it is a new add to The Edge.  The album scored an 80 on Meta Critics public voting chart! The lead single on the album, “Don’t Wanna Fight” is catchy and will get you in the groove.  The album is not electronic but has a surprising transcending feel to it.  Their use of instruments and vocals gives it a stronger feel than their debut. Their use of surprising elements keeps the listener on their toes to see what they will add in next.  Yet they still hold the vide of 90s Southern Rock throughout the album. Take a listen and see for your self.

The closest their tour will be is Indianapolis, IN with Father John Misty on May 30th! (What a great way to start summer!!)