Jack White Accoustic

download-1Jack White has been one of those names that seems to pop up everywhere.  He has been a part of The Dead Weather, The White Stripes, and the Raconteurs.  The also is known as the proprietor of Third Man Records as well.  His latest album was a look at his songwriting from his first album in 1998 to current day, which spans his entire career.  There is a strong sense of lightheartedness and improvisation styles throughout many of the tracks, showing his most creative side.  There is a sense of difference when it comes to changing vibes between styles of music giving the listener a surprise at every turn.  While many of the tracks will give you a classic Jack White feel, there is another in its place that will give you a new perspective into the real Jack White. As always this album is a masterpiece in itself and is worth a listen if you want to try and understand him just a little more.

Welcome Back!

Fall semester has begun and 91.7 The Edge has a lot of exciting events coming up.  Make sure to stop by our Events page to get the latest information.  91.7 The Edge turns 50 years old this year!  our birthday celebration is Friday, September 16th and Saturday, September 17th!

Edgefest has come to a close

Thank to everyone for coming out all last week, Edgefest was a blast!

Thank you to all of our sponsors, Coyote Grille for hosting us, the bands that came out and performed, all of our staff and students, and the public for making this event possible! Stay tuned for more great events coming up!



Just me and 10,000 of my best friends

As many of you may have heard, Mumford and Sons played a soldout show in Madison a little over a week back.  I was luckily one of the 10,000 fans that were able to score the coveted tickets. For a bit of backstory, I have been trying to get tickets to a show since I was in 8th grade.  As many frustrated fans know, the old system of emailing in and crossing your fingers was a pain and next to impossible to have a positive outcome. So, getting to see the Gentlemen of the Road’s ‘An Arrow through the Heartland’ tour made me more excited than ever.

The line to get in stretched across the parking lot that night and there was a lot of excitement in the air.  I was able to secure a spot in the middle of the floor section, and as short as I am, was still able to see the stage.  Blake Mills opened that night and boy can he play a slide guitar!  I really enjoyed the set that he performed and everyone around me thought that he was great.  He also just recently released some new music, which he played as well.  With much anticipation, Mumford and Sons came out and began to play with lots of energy.

They played a variety of old favorites and new music which had everyone singing along. In fact that night they dropped part of a new album that is coming out this May.  It was special because they played a couple of songs off the album they never have played live before!  The show was memorable, not for the fancy lights or the pyrotechnics, but because of Marcus Mumford and the rest of the guys.  During a song, Marcus ran around the entire stadium while singing, which was exciting to watch him get to interact with many people.  They also pulled out members of Blake Mills’ band to perform with the band for several songs. It was like a big group of friends making music together onstage! During the five song encore, the group sang around one microphone behind the sound engineers. It was like they were singing campfire songs to us.  It was really amazing to hear all 10,000 people silent while they sang those several songs. Overall the show was amazing, they are great musicians, with a high-budget tour, and it showed.

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