Fund Drive Kick-Off

Get ready! there is 3 days till Fund Drive 2015 begins! Monday Night April 7th from 7-10pm will be a “Jimmy Fallon” style Lip Sync Battle down in Jitters! Jitters is located in Wells East Hall. Get your challenger and come on down for some fun and tasty treats! There will be Prizes!


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Album of the Week 4/17/15

a2231815864-10jpg-8883b64993aa20b8Sufjan Stevens, a singer-songwriter has just released a new album. His new album, Carrie & Lowell has broken into the world of electro-pop. Critics have said that the album continues to have his sweeping breathy profound lyrics.  The lyrics are full of emotion and deep meaning.  There is ties to the sorrow of losing his mother, but is done is a sweet way. The folk artist from Michigan has again released a modern day masterpiece.  This album is the perfect one to help you slow down while the end of the semester approaches.  He will also be on tour… alas it will be in Europe.

Album of the week 4/1015

CCBBakLWIAAIb8zLooking for some new great jams?  Well Matt & Kim have done it again with their sixth album, New Glow.  It is a step up from Lightning’s synth driven tunes.  Every track on New Glow being a pumped up dance track.  The one exception is the last track on the album which slows everything down.  While this album is different than their previous albums and is taking their music in a new direction, which could make or break them.  The only other downside to the album is their repetitive lyrics in most of their songs.  The band has still stayed true to their fun upbeat style, but it will be interesting to see what happens next.  In the mean time, you have an album full of pep to get you through the last few weeks of the Spring semester!

Sadly the Chicago show has already been sold out, but you can participate in their super cool music video competition the video how to is here.

Album of the Week 4/3/15

Death Cab For Cutie recently released another great album, Kintsugi.  The album is full of emotions the lyrics reflect on the end of the marriage between Ben Gibbard and Zoey Deschanel and the tracks are full of the turmoil and the heartbreak.  The band also sees it as a reflection of coming to age.  The album title comes from a Japanese art where artists fix fragmented ceramics with precious metals, such as gold, to make the value of the piece greater than it was previously.  This is symbolic of a heartbreak and over coming that time in ones life. As Stephen Thompson from NPR put it, “the album is about drifting apart, by a band that is trying to hold itself together.”  The album is sweetly put together and is worth a listen, take a listen to “Black Sun” below.