To Get You Through the Cold Week

On Your Own Love Again by Jessica Pratt


On Your Own Love Again is a warm album that should be sold with an Irish hot chocolate and a window to stare out of to watch the just fallen snow lay delicately on everything. Not an album that is going to gel with everyone on the first listen, or depending on the situation, at all. This is an album that works best when it’s being paid attention to. Every word she sings is full of emotion, not in the big cinematic kind of way, but in the relatable sense, making it infinity more real. A great album to listen to all the way through. -Carlos


Album of the Week 2-20-15


tumblr_inline_ngokcc7XhA1qzbaq9So Brandi Carlile has been making herself known through her new album Firewatchers Daughter! In fact she is currently on tour through the release of the album making this an even more exciting time for the artist to get started.  She even is getting into the public eye with this one… She has been annoucned for SXSW down in Austin, TX… She will be on Conan in March and will be “A Prairie Home Companion” hosted by Garrison Kiellor on February 28th!  That will be a live show in MN or you can tune into your local public radio station to hear it.

Her album is filled with hints of country, alternative, folk, singer-songwriter, and even some good old rock and roll. That matched with her beautiful vocals completes the passion and emotion filled album.  Ever since she became more popular in 2007 after her release of The Story, she has continued to write based on what inspires her.  She even taught herself the piano!  Although the album has not officially been released (set for March 3rd!).. be on the lookout for the album and check out the first released single from the album… “The Eye.”

What’s New at WSUW? 2-17-15

1 HOT SUGAR                                    God’s Hand
2 PARQUET COURTS                        Live At Third Man Records What’s Your Rupture?
3 AMERICAN SPIRIT                          Season Of Violence
4 SONNY AND THE SUNSETS          Talent Night At The Ashram
5 DEAD ON TV                                    Creeper

Album of the Week 2/13/15


This week we have heard nothing but great things about the new Father John Misty album, “I Love You, Honeybear.”  According the artist, the album is a concept album about a man named, Josh Tillman (who happens to be Father John Musty…) and his life before and after meeting a girl named Emma.  The album plays into different parts of their path together, but we promise to not spoil the endings for you!

The album was recorded all throughout 2013 and finished in 2014 in Los Angeles. There is a strong soulful component to the album that gives it a stronger emotional vibe than Father John Misty’s previous albums.  It also pulls in many different vibes from other artists to add some new flavor to the album.  Each track has some special part to it that sets it apart such as a ragtime jazz, or strings.  These bits show the wide variety and the enthusiasm they had to create this album.

Another bonus about this solid album, is the time and creativity that went into making their album artwork.  So even if you aren’t a fan, you may want to just seek out the popup artwork!

Sub Pop Records did everyone a favor by posting the complete album as a video so you don’t have to keep searching for long.  It can be found => here.

As far as his tour?  Well the Chicago April 3rd date and the Minneapolis April 4th date are both sold out.. so you may have to do some digging to score tickets or drive further…


Album of the Week 2-6-15

fa887a94They are back!  After breaking up in 2005, Sleater-Kinney is back with their album “No Cities to Love.”  In fact the album is so popular in the college radio world that it is #1 at CMJ this week!  The band came out of the 90′s era in the Pacific Northwest and totally played into their punk scene.  The trio kept their 1994 vibe in the new album. “The core of this record is our relationship to each other, to the music, and how all of us still felt strongly enough to about those to sweat it out in the basement and to try and reinvent our band,”  Tucker, the band’s vocalist/guitarist, stated. With No Cities To Love, “we went for the jugular.”  The ten years gave the band a fresh new slate to create the solid album that was released.

So check out the albums tracks: Price Tag, No Cities To Love, and A New Wave.

Sadly their show Feb 15th at the Riverside in Milwaukee has been sold out already… maybe if you’re lucky you’ll score some.

In case you don’t… here is a fun compilation that fans created of “No Cities To Love!”