Local Love! Awktopus

12553015_1022678291109153_3800647349080677321_nThis week we are highlighting a new punk band out of Milwaukee; Awktopus has just released their 4 track demo to bandcamp.  The band is mad up of Amy (our station manager) on lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Ben on lead guitar and vocals, Josh on drums, and Conner on the bass. Their track “We’re Coming to Your Party” is a punk party jam for sure and has a catchy tune that you may find yourself singing to. The track “Bitch” really shows Amy’s influence from the punk band Sleater-Kinney with her lyrics and tone. “Youth In Revolt” brings the Vibe of the Ramones and the Dead Kennedys and also is the only track in the demo where Amy is not the lead on vocals. “Wish You’d Come Back” shows the more emotional side of the band and also shows Amy’s more soulful sound.We are excited to see what this 4 piece band comes up with next!

A Final Tribute

As many of you know (unless you have been hibernating for winter) Early Monday, January 10th, reports of the Goblin King, David Bowie made his way among the stars. After 18 months of struggleing with cancer, Bowie passed away surrounded by family. Just a week after Bowie released his final album, “Blackstar.” The album was released on his 69th birthday just two days before he died, and his producer said that the album was much intended to be a final masterpiece. Here is what Signe had to say about several of the tracks:

“Blackstar” begins slowly as a haunting rock and roll track that is soon taken over by his vocals which enter the song slowly. The title track comes in quietly and is one of the longer songs on the album. This song sets the scene for the album since it signals to the listener that Bowie has a new sound.

Lazarus” begins with just music before Bowie’s vocals take over. Bowie’s vocals sound familiar to when he sang in the 1980s. This song is one of the easier ones to listen to next to the others on the album and it is long like the title track.

Sue (Or in a Season of Crime.)” shows why Bowie is a rock artist with its driving beat throughout the song. Bowie’s vocals bring the listener back to the title track while he sings during the song. This song is one of my favorites from the album with its rock and roll flavor.

Girl loves me” slows down from the previous track but still keeps the rock feeling going. Bowie sings the title within the song nicely.

The final track, “I Can’t Give Everything Away” puts on a jazz perspective for the album with the instruments used along with the upbeat tempo. Bowie’s vocals sit nicely on the track itself and he sounds a bit like Tony Bennet.

This album showcases a true rock artist whom we will greatly miss though his music is still great and “Blackstar” will remind us why he’s great.

Local Love! Pangaea

a0615628570_10Pangaea – “Roots” EP! (Wisconsin Metal)

With their second musical release, after their debut EP “Unity” in March of 2014, Pangaea explores the Metal genre in different ways than lots of progressive bands. This EP has tasteful vocals, complicated drumming, diverse breakdowns, keys, and dual lead guitar passages. Not only does this EP hit you right in the musical ears you’ve always wanted, but it is a concept album that flows with the idea of their name. The title track off of this EP, “Roots” is an orchestrated masterpiece, with many different instruments and melodic counterparts. It is an instrumental track full of genius acoustic guitar lines, violin accompaniment, piano lines, and really brings the listener into a peaceful state of mind. Songs off this EP consist of:

00:00 – Old Soul
06:34 – The Balance
12:35 – Gaia: Separation
14:11 – Gaia: Reconciliation
22:50 – Roots
27:27 – Aokigahara

This band is influenced by bands such as Between The Buried And Me, Architects, Veil of Maya, Meshuggah, Protest The Hero, The Contortionist, Norma Jean, The Dillinger Escape Plan, August Burns Red, and Killswitch Engage. Their blend of musical tastes, create an epic flow of progressive and inspiring metal which brings the listener on an adventure. Pangaea strives to write songs that are authentic and inventive, with hopes to guide heavy music in a new direction.

Currently looking for a new, touring drummer, Pangaea is hoping to tour in 2015-2016 in support of their new release of “Roots.” They have numerous play-through videos of their complicated music, and the fans couldn’t get enough! Check them out on YouTube, Facebook, iTunes, Bandcamp, Spotify, etc. to keep up with their fun-filled musical adventures!

-Alex M


Looking for Logic?

Logic-The-Incredible-True-Story-Cover“The Incredible True Story” by Logic  is killing the game and his newest album a definite contender for album of the year. H Here are some of my favorites from the album even though every song is great.)
1. Fade Away – Fantastic opening song to the album and really lays the groundwork for how the rest of the album will sound. The instrumental is unbelievably catchy and has been on repeat on my phone all day. Logic does not disappoint and brings his incredibly versatile flow and great lyrics. Definitely would be a big hit on air and doesn’t need much censoring.
2. Like Woah – Logic brings the wow factor again and leaves your ears in a trance, such a dope song. Woah was exactly my reaction when I heard Logic get into his zone and kill the flow with no hesitation. The hook gives the song a moment to breath before Logic jumps back in with his unreal flow.
3. Young Jesus (Ft Big Lenbo) – One of Logic’s label mates and one of the few artists featured on the album. His flow and sound reminds me of Big Pun and made me a fan. Logic does what Logic does best and slays this track with easy. His second verse is bonkers and this song definitely deserves some radio air time.
4. Paradise – My ears are in paradise after hearing this song. Love the effects they added to Logic’s voice at points. He paints a vivid picture of his youth and struggle while delivering it all at classic Logic break neck speed. The song switches up around part way through and works very well. -Kyle B

The Ex’s and Oh’s were pretty Majestic!

My first concert at the Majestic Madison on Friday November 20th was one of the best I’ve ever been to. Elle King is my favorite alternative artist and seeing her live was an intimate and awesome experience.
The first opening performer named Skrizzley Adams was just an artist with his guitar and he sang a set for a while strumming his acoustic guitar. Personally, I was not thoroughly impressed with his overall talent just because he was just by himself.
The second opening band, Horse Thief reminded me of U2 with their arrangement and sound. The band was energetic with their guitars as they sang.
The first few songs rocked on strong as I listened and danced along. The band members lifted their guitars while singing and head banging along to their own music.
The band had the overall look and feel of a traditional rock band, several of the band members held onto large electric guitars.
During the last song, the crowd finally joined in by putting their hands up and dancing along. To be honest, I could have listened to the band a bit longer before Elle King took the stage over.
When Ohio native Elle King took over the stage the crowd went wild.
Elle moved into her set list with a song I did not recognize, but she kept the beat up. She had an excellent stage presence. She switched from an acoustic guitar to a banjo for “Kocaine Karolina” and “Song of Sorrow.” Most of the songs she performed were from her album: “Love Stuff.”
Once she moved into “Where the devil don’t go” I really began to enjoy the concert for what it was worth. She soared on the high notes and I knew every word to almost all of her songs. She praised the audience’s ability to know all the words to her songs.
Throughout the concert, I was particularly close to the state and I took in every moment of the show. King also played “Last Damn Night” and she also engaged with the audience before the song and said: “Let’s play some rock and roll.”
King eventually slowed down the show with “See you again” where she had the chance to touch a fan’s hand. I loved the slow song since she sounded so good with just her vocals.
King also played Ex’s and Oh’s and let the audience sing: “They always want to come, but they never want to leave.” I tried to sing it at the top of my lungs.
King closed the concert with “America’s Sweetheart” which sounded epic live with her voice and all the instruments working together throughout the song. My favorite part of the entire song was when she pointed at me, that was my favorite part of the concert. -Signe