The Ex’s and Oh’s were pretty Majestic!

My first concert at the Majestic Madison on Friday November 20th was one of the best I’ve ever been to. Elle King is my favorite alternative artist and seeing her live was an intimate and awesome experience.
The first opening performer named Skrizzley Adams was just an artist with his guitar and he sang a set for a while strumming his acoustic guitar. Personally, I was not thoroughly impressed with his overall talent just because he was just by himself.
The second opening band, Horse Thief reminded me of U2 with their arrangement and sound. The band was energetic with their guitars as they sang.
The first few songs rocked on strong as I listened and danced along. The band members lifted their guitars while singing and head banging along to their own music.
The band had the overall look and feel of a traditional rock band, several of the band members held onto large electric guitars.
During the last song, the crowd finally joined in by putting their hands up and dancing along. To be honest, I could have listened to the band a bit longer before Elle King took the stage over.
When Ohio native Elle King took over the stage the crowd went wild.
Elle moved into her set list with a song I did not recognize, but she kept the beat up. She had an excellent stage presence. She switched from an acoustic guitar to a banjo for “Kocaine Karolina” and “Song of Sorrow.” Most of the songs she performed were from her album: “Love Stuff.”
Once she moved into “Where the devil don’t go” I really began to enjoy the concert for what it was worth. She soared on the high notes and I knew every word to almost all of her songs. She praised the audience’s ability to know all the words to her songs.
Throughout the concert, I was particularly close to the state and I took in every moment of the show. King also played “Last Damn Night” and she also engaged with the audience before the song and said: “Let’s play some rock and roll.”
King eventually slowed down the show with “See you again” where she had the chance to touch a fan’s hand. I loved the slow song since she sounded so good with just her vocals.
King also played Ex’s and Oh’s and let the audience sing: “They always want to come, but they never want to leave.” I tried to sing it at the top of my lungs.
King closed the concert with “America’s Sweetheart” which sounded epic live with her voice and all the instruments working together throughout the song. My favorite part of the entire song was when she pointed at me, that was my favorite part of the concert. -Signe

New Order with New Music

new-order-music-complete-album-streamSo maybe you knew them when they were known as Joy Division… or after they became New Order but this is their 10th studio album.  It also has been much anticipated since 2005.  The mix of synth and the house vibes can be heard throughout the 11 tracks on Music Complete.  “Tutti Frutti” is the the most recognizable for all of their iconic sounds.  If you are looking for a solid dance track, “Plastic” is the way to go.  The album is full of sophisticated guitar solos and riffs that float throughout the album.  There is also a spoken word part featuring Iggy Pop as well that is worth listening to alone. and that Another fun feature on the album is the is vocals done by La Roux.

November Mixtape

The November Mixtape is and there are a lot of awesome local artists.  Take a listen and let us know who you would like to see here!


Mutemath New Album

mutemath-vitals-album-artAlternative band MUTEMATH’s new album proves to be something I enjoyed upon downloading it. Titled “Vitals” it was a taste of something new because I usually download bands I like but I am willing to try new things. Released on November 13th it was a breath of fresh air.
The first song belongs on your workout playlist with its title “Joyride” it sounds like its title. It is lively with the vocals over the top moving the song along.
“Monument” is another favorite of mine with its sweet sound and smooth vocals throughout. The song has a lively chorus as well that forces the listener to get up and move. In my opinion, this song is where the band shows who they really are judging by the sound throughout the song.
“Stratosphere” is another favorite of mine as soon as it started to play. The lead singer sings about living in the stratosphere. This song does not slow down from the last song before it which is pleasing to the listener.
All I See” is the point where the songs slow down on the album and slowly build throughout the song. There is a feeling of escalation at one point in the song which is what I like about it. The song gives the listener a chance to get an idea of what the vocals sound like before the song abruptly ends.
The title track “Vitals” brings the liveliness back to life with vocals other instrumental sounds. This song is for sure another staple for a workout playlist among other key tracks.
“Composed” is a bit slow to begin with vocals taking over before the music itself takes command. “You keep my composed..” the lead singer sings early in the song. I find this song to be truly unique in the sound and how it flows.

Of course, there are more songs on this album than there are listed here, and I am sure they deserve to be listened to as well.
Personally, I’ve heard of MUTEMATH before but have not taken the time to sit down and listen to an entire album. I would say it is worth a listen or two just because of the overall sound itself. I would recommend this album to anyone who wants to listen to good music or just wants to discover a new band like me. -Signe


See a taste of the album below!


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