Chvrches-Every-Open-EyeScottish trio CHVRCHES just released their new album: Every Open Eye which is a synth pop effort from my favorite alternative artists.
The first song off their album titled “Never Ending Circles” gives the listener a great introduction to the album. The song is a great introduction to the sound unique to CHVRCHS and the vocals of the female lead singer. I love the lyrics of this song since they make me happy. The vocals are breathy and triumphant over the music.
The second song Leave a Trace was indicated on iTunes as being one of the most popular songs on the album. “Leave a Trace” is another favorite of mine because of the lyrics and the overall sound of the song.
It is evident that most of the songs are quite simple on this album judging the lyrics on the album which I relish and enjoy hearing every time I put the album on. The lyrics: “I know I need to feel relief.” These are the lyrics that the listener can connect to the most.
CHVRCHES are by definition a newer band that had an album released on iTunes called The Bones of what You Believe. However, that wasn’t the song that could be skipped and overlooked.
Recover was the song that got me into this band since it sounded like something I would listen to. Long and behold, I got into their music and bought their album over the weekend. Since then, every song on the album proved to never disappoint.
CHVRCHS have their own flavor of being pop and alternative at the same time which is neat since alternative and pop music is most popular today. It is one of my favorite genres and sounds great to my ears.
The album proves to be danceable as well with the lively beats throughout the album itself. This is a record that is bound to get listeners dancing at a club or even just in a living room.
This album is a great one to listen to any day of the year and practically anywhere. Give it a listen or two and decide what you think. -Signe

Another Reason For College Radio?


College Radio Day Official 24 Hour Marathon!

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College radio stations have the opportunity and freedom to play what commercial stations won’t or can’t. It’s the chance of a lifetime for someone who likes music to play songs that are meaningful, interesting and controversial. There was a time when commercial radio DJs played records they personally liked. College stations that ape today’s commercial radio stations are a waste of time and opportunity. You can get training and learn radio basics without being a radio moron. Once college stations mimic commercial stations, they’re no longer alternative– they’re dead radio.

–Lou Reed, Sire Records Recording Artist


We can tell you just how great and important we are to the music industry ALL day long OR we can share with you what others think about this important day! There is a Keynote speech with Stewert Copeland and and Interview with Josh Eppard of Coheed and Cambria. There is also an original radio documentary by Nikki Marra as she travels across America from the East to the West coast and visits college radio stations along the way.