Alex Izenberg

Alex Izenberg has only released one album so far, however, he has the ability of a musical veteran. Harlequin, is a diverse, emotional, and incredibly unique album as well as a work of art. What word would someone use to describe Izenberg’s voice? Soothing, accompanied by a haunting, yet, diabolically engaging sound. Harlequin incorporates genres, such as folk and psychedelic rock, yet, the album cannot be categorized under one genre. Do not be alarmed when your ears pick up the whistling of a steaming locomotive, it’s simply Izenberg demonstrating his creativity. The future cannot be easily predicted, yet, this young man is on his way to a very bright one.

– Jon B

Top 10 Potential Edge Fest Bands

  1. WhySoWhite: al
  2. Apple Seeds:
  3. TigerNite:
  4. MUSTAS:
  5. Will It Burn:
  6. Lisa Gatewood:
  7. Tyne Darling:
  8. Awktopus:
  9. FMDown:
  10.  Weird Beard:


The Edge shows appreciation towards a local talent this week! Aaron Mustas, professionally known as MUSTAS, shakes up the independent music scene with his 2017 sophomore album The Hollow’s Howls. A Milwaukee native, MUSTAS possess a deep and powerful voice that delivers bursts of raw emotion to the ears of the listeners. Despite being a newer talent, his sound can be described as old fashion blues rock because of his straightforward guitar playing which screams sensitivity no matter what speed strummed and picked. The lyrics of this album tell stories of being unable to obtain the person you cannot have to the simple melancholy of early mornings. The songs he sings are perfect for walking during a bitter winter afternoon or unwinding on the couch after a hard day. MUSTAS’s albums can be found on his bandcamp page and you will be glad you gave him a moment of your time.
– Jon B

The Holidays are Here


Holiday Music at The Edge has begun! Tune in to hear your fav holiday music through Christmas Day!

Are you on the EDM train?

GRiZ “Good Will Prevail”

After being a fan of GRiZ for quite some time, I really think that this is his best studio album that he has put out. He brings in multiple different artists that perform many different genres of music and somehow magically brings them all together to create his own twist on all of their diverse talents. By bringing in as many artists as he did along with his ability to play the saxophone over electronic music that he produces is truly a talent that needs to be recognized. With the vast amount of diversity on this album ranging from feel good mellow music to heavier pop dubstep he really does manage to touch on all the things that fans of electronic music really look for when trying to find truly talented musicians. Completely aside from his work in the studio, his live performances are absolute magic to your ears because he mixes his music live along with also playing his saxophone side by side his other artists that he brings on tour. This album sincerely hones in his genre of electro funk, and proves that he has found his style and has mastered it by creating this amazing studio album. -Jon D