Album of The Week 10/20/2014

TRXYE_EP_2014Troye Sivan released his album TRXYE, and it is one to note.  The 19 year old Youtuber/ singer-songwriter has been signed to Universal Music and is the works of another studio album already.  His five-song EP includes the single, “Happy Little Pill,” which is an excellent example of what the Australian artist is capable of.   The song is also noted for its gold certification in Australia.  The single additionally debuted iTunes No. 1 spot.  Additionally, the album debuted the Billboard 200 at No. 5.  Sivan is also known for his song, “The Fault in Our Stars,” which he wrote in honor the the book written by John Green.  Another fun fact about Troye is his recent status of one of Time Magazine’s “Most Influential Teenagers” for this year.  Sivan will be an artist to watch as he continues along in his career!

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College Radio Day 2014!!


Today is College Radio Day!  Those of us at 91.7 The Edge are celebrating all the exciting things about college radio.   Since 2011, CRD raises awareness, internationally to the cutting edge music being played on our station and others across the globe.  Stations like ours provide the public with people with music with out commercial constraints, in this strongly marketed platform.  Here at The Edge, our on-air DJ’s put in many hours a week to provide listeners  quality programming that we are proud of.  According to founders of CRD,  ”College radio is the only free live medium brave enough to play unsigned, local, and independent artists on a regular basis. Indeed, many famous and successful bands today, owe their initial break to being played on college radio. Put simply, college radio is an important part of the media landscape because of its unique and fearless programming.”  More than 30 countries have stations that are participating this day, so tune in to 91.7 The Edge to help us celebrate College Radio Day!


Dj of last week

1743627_710084335713903_1322891730059888155_nThis week’s DJ hails from the quaint town of Adams Friendship, WI, and could be described as outdoorsy. Jessie loves sports and is a big fan of Kobe Bryant in particular, even managing to find a pair of socks sporting the man’s face. The movie Joe Dirt is a personal favorite of his and he has gone on record saying radio is “awesome.” Unfortunately, Jessie is having knee surgery soon and is going to miss a few shifts. But upon his return you can listen to Jessie Tuesdays at 8 PM and Thursdays at 8 AM. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind if you called in and wished him a speedy recovery either.

What’s Spinning?!

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