Gallery interns to attend museum conference in Minneapolis

Crossman Gallery interns Megan Barry, Leticia Castillo, Samantha Landre and Kimberly Storage are in Minneapolis along with Michael Flanagan to attend the annual meeting of the Association of Academic Museums and Galleries.  The conference site is on the University of Minnesota campus at the Frank Gehry designed Weisman Art Museum. (

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Program notes for performances

Hi Michael,  have run up against a problem that I hope we can get on the agenda at the end of the semester.   Since I require students to state titles and credit composers/or other artists of the creation there surely needs to be printed information for them to do this.   A few of my students attended the Jazz Labs and there was no program.  Can we require all public events that want their event open to the WOTA students to have this information.  If not in print, at least documented online somewhere?  I contacted Brad Townsend for the information to send to my students, but it would be so much easier that if one chooses not to use a program if they could have it posted somewhere. 
Barbara Grubel
University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
Associate Professor  Department of Theatre/Dance

Welcome to the WOTA Blog


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Greetings to all World of the Arts instructors.  I wanted to set up this blog as a way of updating one another on course information.

I met with the McGraw-Hill representative this week and she and I discussed a custom book for WOTA.  It is possible to pull together a book from any of the McGraw-Hill offerings, get a proof copy sent in for review and accept or revise the book.  A custom book runs about the same as our current texts.  One issue would be the shelf life of current texts and the the willingness of the university bookstore to order new materials.  I’m going to continue to investigate the possibilities.

The links below will take you to some of the materials developed through the LEAP initiative including a set of Essential Learning Outcomes and a revised course rubric.  Thanks to Julia Ince for her efforts on this material.



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