How to Keep the Mind Active Over Break

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Ahhhhh! Exams are finally done, you’re headed home for the holidays, and you can finally say you’re stress-free (until next semester anyway). It seems like the best time in the world knowing you now have limited too zero responsibilities. But not so fast. Although this is the time to relax, you don’t let your mind ‘chill’ for too long and let all the great information you consumed all semester go in one ear, and out the other. It is very important that you keep yourself, and more importantly, your mind, healthy over break. Now there are many different ways to do this, but I’m going to go over just a few to keep you keep you one your toes this holiday.

Stay physically active: I know the number one thing on your mind is to just relax and do absolutely nothing all break, but don’t let your body and mind get into such a relax state that it is going to delay your comeback for next semester. Studies actually show that, more volume of brain power is given to the prefrontal cortex and medial temporal cortex, which controls our thinking and memory, when you exercise regularly. So who knows, you may end up coming back to school with better memory than you left with if you stay physically active.


READ: Reading usually isn’t the fan favorite of activities when college students have time off. After a full semester of non-stop textbook reading, who wants to spend their free time reading a book? Well just let me just say that I have a suggestion for you. Reading doesn’t strictly mean that you need to sit down and read a one thousand-page novel. Find magazine articles, newspaper clips, or even read up on current events online that interest YOU. Any kind of reading is good reading to keep the brain strong.


Write a Blog?: Wait a minute… What are you looking at right now? Oh yeah, it’s a blog. This time you have off may be a great time for you to start your own blog posts. It can be about a plethora of different topics, whether it be your workouts, what you did over the holidays, or even how much your little siblings have been bugging you since you got home. Anything! Sit down, and find a topic you can talk about and almost make it your own little personal diary.


There are so many things to do this break: spend time with the family, catch up with some home-town friends, and just take a break from your strenuous workload you have at school. But don’t neglect the importance of keeping your “brain strength” in your time off. Pick one or more of these things to keep your mind in shape for the return of spring semester!


|Don’t forget about the little things in life. They tend to have a BIG impact|


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Get Out Of Here!

Get Out Of Here MediaHow many times have you been told that it is important to “expand your horizons?” How many times have you rolled your eyes after hearing that cliché? Probably a lot. Well, as silly as it may sound, it’s actually pretty important. I recently read a quote that said “Ships are safe in harbor, but that’s not what ships are for.” While staying safely tucked inside of our comfort zone is certainly an easy option, you have to know that you are made for more than that. Venturing out and experiencing what was once unknown to you opens up so many doors and allows for more growth than you ever could imagine. Still don’t believe me? Here is my list of the Top 5 Reasons to Get out of your Comfort Zone!

  1. The experience: I think we can all agree that reading out of a textbook is the least interesting experience we could possibly have. Now imagine that instead of reading about a subject, you are out there experiencing it for yourself! Isn’t that 1,000 times better?! I definitely think so.
  2. Strength: Here at Warhawk Fitness, we are all about strength! But that strength doesn’t always have to be built in your muscles. Building your emotional and mental strength is just as, if not more important than building your physical strength. Next time you think to yourself that it would be much easier to do what you’re comfortable with, try to imagine your strength fading.
  3. You’ll Stand Out: What if you knew that doing the thing you’re afraid to do could separate you from the other candidate applying for the same job? Would you consider doing it then? People with unique experiences listed on their résumé tend to catch the attention of potential employers. The more you are able to stand out, the more marketable you will be! It’s a simple fact of life.
  4. Face your fears: Most of the time, we aren’t trying something new because we are afraid of it. I am definitely guilty of doing this. But is that any way to live life? If we let our fears control us, we will never see what is out there. If this is what’s stopping you, remember that you are stronger than your fears. They can only scare you until you overcome them.
  5. Gain confidence: Imagine doing that one thing you never thought you could do. Can you believe how proud you are? You did it! That one thing that scared you silly and forced you to stay in your safety bubble for so long actually turned out to be okay! Now picture doing anything else. The point is that you can picture it because now you can see yourself doing anything! You are more than capable, and stepping out of your comfort zone reminds you of this!

The next time an opportunity presents itself, and your first reaction is to pass it up, remember this list. Remember whichever reason stood out the most to you and run with it! Don’t limit yourself by standing still. Instead, get out of here!

|Stay motivated and don’t give up. Amazing things will happen|

Julia O’Connor

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