Exercise for book worms

Exercise for Book Worms PhotoBy: Abbey Bowen

This is probably one of the sillier posts I have ever written. But while reading a book this morning, I found myself wondering if there’s a way to combine two of my favorite pastimes: exercising and reading.

I Googled, “Exercises and stretches to do while reading,” and I was surprised to find several search results.

Obviously, recumbent or upright bikes and elliptical machines are ideal for people who want to read while doing cardio, but I wanted to get some ideas for when I’m not at the gym.

If you’re looking to tone your abs, it’s beneficial to lie on your back, hold the book away from your face and lift your legs into the air. Hold them parallel to the floor for a few seconds or minutes (depending on your fitness level).

For the most adventurous, a plank sequence can be an effective way to tone while reading. Try holding the pose pictured to the left for 30 seconds at a time. Place a book in between your forearms and focus on the text, instead of your discomfort.

Hold the pose for a page and then lower and rest for a few pages. Repeat as desired.

This plank sequence will help tone your arms, abs, leg muscles and more! Just remember to always suck your belly button into your spine at all times.

If you’re looking for a lighter, more gradual workout, try replacing your office chair with an exercise ball. By doing this, your body learns to rely on the increasing strength of your back and abs, not the support of a chair.

For those looking to tone their arms, try raising five to 10 Ib. dumbbells into the air repeatedly as you read.

If you’re really crazy, try doing all the exercises I mentioned above. :]

Again, I know this post may seem a little goofy, but I truly believe making small lifestyle changes can make a big difference in the long run. Incorporating exercise into our daily routines is one of the easiest ways to become healthy and fit.

~Remember, you have to learn to love yourself before you can truly love someone else~
Abbey :]

What to do…when there is nothing to do

Winter Break PhotoSchool is finally done for the semester and winter break is here. No more exams to worry about, no more studying to do, and no more classes to attend. You may be starting to feel a peaceful wave sweep over your mind and begin to kick back your feet and let the holiday treats roll in…or you may be like me and start to feel the constant worry that you are forgetting to do something. This happens to me every single semester when classes finish up. After constantly go-go-going for so long, it can be a hard transition to just stop. Well I have just what you (maybe) need!

I put together a little list of suggestions and activities for you to do to stay productive over break, so if you’re someone needing some tips, here you go!

  1. Work Out. Even though it is technically winter break, that doesn’t mean a thing to your body. It is so easy to slip out of your work out routine and slip into a daily cookie routine. Make sure to stay motivated over break and you can come back to school feeling strong and proud!
  2. Family. Family is extremely important in life. Take this time to spend with your family. Bake cookies with your mom, play xbox with your little brother, whatever it is…make sure they know you care.
  3. Read. Have any good books that you’ve had no time to read lately? This is your chance to catch up! Nothing says Holiday break like snuggling up to a fireplace with a cup of tea and a good book in hand!
  4. Work. Winter break is the best time to work and make some money! We poor college students are always looking for some extra cash, and now that school is out it is the perfect time to work all day.
  5. Research. Okay I’m feeling nerdy so I thought I would throw this one in. Take the time you have over break to research and apply for potential internships. Everyone could use a good internship, and with some proper research you may land yourself one!
  6. Old Mates. Call up some of your old buddies from high school (if you’re still friends) and hang out. Now that everyone is home for the holidays it is the perfect time to relieve your glory days of high school.
  7. Goal List. If you are thinking that all of my suggestions are lame, make your own list. Write yourself a list and make a promise to yourself to achieve everything on it before heading back to school. Not only will you feel productive, but also you’ll feel proud!

I hope this gives you some ideas of things to do over break!

Stay Healthy, Stay Strong,
Mary Marren