Summer Memories

Finally, school is over and summer is right around the corner Warhawks! Now that we have less prioritizes on our plate, we are able to have a nice, relaxing, fun and safe summer. Summer always goes by so fast that it is hard to remember everything you did. Memories are trying to be made before we go back to school in the fall, so why not try and remember all the good memories before we have to get back to business? When trying to think of how to remember everything that has happened to you this summer, there are many options for you to choose from. Continue reading

Motivated Midterm

Don’t panic Warhawks, but midterms are right around the corner and before you know it, we will be binge drinking espressos while trying to convince Anderson Library to stay open for a couple more hours while we cram for our midterm exams. Midterm week is one of the most stressful weeks for students with all the cramming and studying of notes, homework, and anything else their professor provided for them for their exam. It is always good to remember to keep calm when studying for your exams, but how is one supposed to do that when they have five or more exams all in one week? Below are some tips and tricks on how to stay merry and motivated when it comes to studying for midterms. Continue reading

Holly, Jolly and Jammin’

Well Warhawks, I hate to say this, but the holidays are over. Decorations are coming down, lights on trees and houses alike are being removed, and the festive smelling holiday candles are being put away. Everyone is sad that the holidays are over… or may be just that the break is coming to an end. Even though the holidays have gone away, that doesn’t mean the holiday music must stop. In my opinion, holiday music shouldn’t just be listened to through the holiday season, but year round if you enjoy it. Holiday music has the power to put individuals in a happy mood and mindset thus creating a healthier mindset. Listening to music when working out gets individuals pumped up and feeling good. Now imagine listening to some holiday music to work out to. Here are fifteen of the best holiday songs to get holly, jolly, and pumped to. Continue reading