Pedal Power

“4…3…2…1, LETS GO”, “There’s a reason you came through those doors”, “This is a challenge by choice”, “Let’s go, push yourself. You can do this!” and many more are just some of the inspirational and motivating quotes you will hear when attending a group fitness cycling class in the University Fitness studio. The group fitness instructors (in general too) that teach cycling are amazing! They motivate you to do YOUR best and help you achieve your mile goal, calorie goal, and anything else that you set for yourself. This class is deigned to push yourself to your limit for your cardiovascular fitness. Each class you attend can be with different instructors as well as different fitness/workout plans that are already set up and created for you. This is a high intensity class that was everyone to walk out those doors feeling better than before.

            For myself, I started going to cycling for the first time this year when the indoor ironman started in order for me to get a good chunk of my miles in. When I first started going, I would get around 12 miles to then an average of 15 miles. My most recent class, I earned 21.6 miles. I really enjoy going to cycling because of the motivation the instructors send out, the upbeat and motivating music, and the fact that each cycling class I have been too has different techniques, styles, and lessons to get miles in. Each class and instructor make the class so different and so much fun that I will continue to go to cycling even after the indoor ironman is over.

            Group indoor cycling is located in the University Fitness Center in the basement of Wells hall. A water bottle is required to come to class, and it is recommended to bring a sweat towel to wipe away all the hard work. You can call and guarantee yourself a bike at (262)-472-1260. If coming to cycling, it is recommended to get there around 5-10 minutes prior to the class starting to check in and get ready for the class. There are three one-hour cycling classes a week along with two forty-five-minute cycling classes a week. Cycling is offered every Sunday, Monday and Tuesday at 5:30pm as well as Wednesday and Thursday at 5:30pm for forty-five minutes. If you want an awesome, challenging and motivating workout, this is the class for you! Below is the group fitness schedule link and the group fitness cycling class description with a mini video, so check those out! Group fitness is challenge by choice, so make the choice and come to group indoor cycling!

Emma O’Connor

Start Strong, Finish Stronger

Group Fitness Classes

For some individuals, making workouts fun can be a challenge. Some just want the time to pass and for it to go by fast rather than enjoy what is happening and the challenge of getting fit with a positive attitude and having fun. Warhawk fitness offers a variety of group fitness classes and other fun fitness opportunities for students and community members to participate in. There are multiple group fitness classes with multiple ways to attend. If you are only interested in getting a day pass and trying it out, you have that possibility for $5, weekly $20 and monthly $45. If you want just a group fitness pass, that is an option too for $45 a semester as well as just a cycling option for $30 a semester. If you are a Whitewater community member, there are different memberships statuses with different prices (all this information will be in the link below). With each of these purchases, they can be paid by cash, check, purple points or student billing in the Recreation Sports Office in the William’s Center. There are multiple group fitness classes to participate in. They go from a total body workout to a total body fun workout. Below is the link for the following group fitness classes Warhawk fitness offers.

            Group classes are just one way to enhance your workout to more than just getting it done. Love some of these group fitness classes so much you want to teach them? Now is your chance too! We are hiring for group fitness instructors. The link is below for those interested. Besides group fitness classes, there are other ways Warhawk Fitness offers to keep pushing yourself and to have a fun workout.  This year’s Indoor Ironman is happening soon. This is another opportunity to individuals to stay motivated with their workout goals and to have fun with it. It gives individuals the opportunity to be competitive and compete with themselves. You MUST register on 10/22 online and it will close on 11/22 at 9pm. There are log sheets in the different facilities for individuals to keep track of their progress. All the of the distance you complete for this must be done in the Whitewater gyms/facilities. With this fun opportunity, there is biking, running and swimming. Individuals must bike 112 miles, run, walk or elliptical 26 miles as well as swim 2 miles (132 laps) of the pool. The information for all of these classes and Indoor Ironman can be found in the links below and the digital media slides below. Good luck to all the participants and to everyone looking to spice up their workouts and remember to have fun!

Emma O’Connor

Start strong, finish stronger

Get Your HIIT On!

HIIT imageEveryone is always looking for a new and quick way to get the most out of their time when it comes to exercise. If it was up to me, it would be possible to get a six-pack from doing one 10 minute core workout. However, we know this to not be the case. But, what if I told you there was a profitable work out format that is used by pro-athletes? A format which Men’s Fitness Magazine agrees increases calorie burning throughout your day, grows endurance, promotes a healthier cardiovascular system, is time efficient, and customizable to individuals.

High intensity interval training suddenly becomes very appealing. As a person who is ALWAYS on the go, the amazing results combined with time efficiency is very attractive to me. Before we get too excited, what exactly is HIIT? According to the America’s Authority on Fitness (ACE), a renowned fitness enterprise, HIIT work outs are described as; “a cardiorespiratory training using quick bursts of high-intensity exercise intervals for short durations mixed with intervals of lower intensity active recovery”. ACE defines the high intensity intervals as, “On a 1-10 scale of perceived exertion…is anything over an effort level of 7.” Your perceived exertion is your internal gage of what your max heart rate is, so a 7 should really get the sweat going! Are you hooked yet?


How To Do It:

Following a good warm-up, your high intensity interval should begin; lasting for a short duration. The duration of for bursts is customizable, but should be long enough for you to reach your level 7 of perceived exertion.  This is an amount of time that may change as your development continues. However, a good starting point may be 20 seconds, to a minute.

After your high exertion period, take a brief active recovery. This means you are still moving preventing your heart rate from decreasing too quickly. According to ACE, it can also condition your body to remove metabolic wastes such as lactic acid between the high intensity periods.

This format is recommended to be 20-30 minutes long to get started. This is exciting news for the common busy-body, but you can also increase the duration of the workout as time permits or as your endurance increases.


HITT is a workout out easily done at home as well as in the gym. There are many forms of equipment that can be used for strength circuits, resistance, or to work one specific pesky muscle! Luckily a lot of gyms have Fitness Classes that use this format in a group setting. Here at UW-Whitewater the Group Fitness Programs leads HIIT classes such as; Insanity™ and Tabata. Come check it out, and get your body moving!


Thank you for trying something new!

Until Next Time…Carry On!

Kari Rebman