Fitness, I Choose You!

What’s up y’all your favorite Fitness Supervisor is BACK. I know you’re all stoked, but today I am going to try something a little different. I am still going to slap some knowledge on you, but I am also going to share some personal anecdotes along with my advice. This summer I made the choice to get healthy, it’s something that I’ve wanted to do for a long time, but never did. It hasn’t been easy to stay on track, but it pays dividends in the long run. I feel immensely better, my self-confidence has increased a ton, and it has become a passion of mine. I am going to share a few tips with you guys to help you along your fitness journey if you’re thinking about getting fit. Continue reading

How To Stay Motivated Over Summer

Stay motivated graphicHow to Stay Motivated Over the Summer

Now that we are into the summer, one of two things tend to happen to peoples’ fitness plans and goals. You either are doing fine; and with summer here you have more time to pay attention to it, or–the more popular one–you are slacking. Whether it be because the summer season has gotten you lazy, or because you are consumed by other things such as work or family, you aren’t staying motivated with what you want fitness wise. Instead of giving up, try some of these quick suggestions to get your motivation rolling again this summer!


1)    Create achievable goals. In the summer, people tend to get all gun-ho on how they may drop 30 pounds or get washboard abs or whatever it may be. All though that is all good thinking, step back and evaluate your goals and make sure they are something you can realistically reach. Even if they sound attainable, they may not be for everyone since everyone is different.


2)         Use the summer to your advantage. With the warmer weather, we can use this as an outlet to become more active. Summer opens up the options of riding your bike, swimming, hiking, kayaking, seasonal outdoor sports, and so many more activities! Keep your mind open to anything you can do outdoors; all that fresh air will be great for you!


3)         Have others hold you accountable. It’s easier when you are not alone. Tell your friends, make a Facebook post, anything that is an outside source to keep you motivated and focused on your goals. For me, I like to use apps on my phone to help me be reminded daily of my goals. For app ideas, you can check out The 25 Best Fitness Apps of 2017 to see what kind of apps are out there that would work for you.


These are all things I personally try to keep in mind over the summer for my personal fitness goals. These tips are actually applicable to most things in life, not just fitness. These are great ways to help you achieve general goals. And keep you away from that Summertime Sadness! (Also, last tip, don’t listen to Lana Del Ray. She’s so negative about the summer season).


*Always Proud, Never Satisfied*





For more information on how to stay motivated this summer, check out this link!,2817,2485287,00.asp



How To Achieve Your Summer Goals

Achieve Summer Goals image


Hey there,


I hope you are enjoying these gorgeous summer days. You definitely deserve them after the long year you just endured. Summer is finally here and now you have 3 months to do whatever your heart desires!


While that is certainly the ideal scenario, it seems like it rarely happens that way. Whether you are back at home or in a completely foreign area, you most likely have some kind of obligation to work a seasonal job or be present for an internship. Maybe you are studying abroad or you have entered the workforce and started your first career. Regardless, you probably have some kind of responsibility this summer… which is awesome! But sometimes these tasks seem to interrupt the fun plans you set your mind on before the summer even began. This is super annoying and can even be destructive.


There is a reason why you thought long and hard about what you wanted to do during your summer break. It’s because you NEED a true vacation. After the year you had, it makes sense that you are craving a release. You owe it to yourself to follow through with your plans! It is truly important for your health.


  1. Take some time this week to write down all the goals you have for the summer. Be realistic, and don’t go overboard; but be sure to create a list of things you wouldn’t be able to do if it weren’t for the freedom that comes with the beautiful summer months.


  1. Follow through with this plan! I wasn’t lying before; these goals may be more important than you think. I truly believe that everyone deserves to take some time for themselves to do what they love or to try something new! You need this mentally, emotionally and physically if you want to be a better and healthier version of yourself.


It can be as simple as going to the gym 5 days a week or it can be as crazy as taking a month off to travel to a new and exciting place. Only you know what works best for you and your lifestyle. I can’t tell you what your goals should be, I can only recommend that you take the time to figure that out for yourself.


I hope that by the time the Fall comes around, you are able to look back on your summer and see a lot of positive experiences. You deserve nothing less.


|Stay motivated and never give up. Amazing things will happen|



The Importance of Treat ‘Yo Self

Treat Yo SelfAs young college students, we are constantly stressed about something. Whether it’s a big test, our work schedule, or our lack of money, there are a lot of potential stressors out there for young people. While there are probably tons of methods out there that will help you to minimize your stress levels, I believe that there is one very simple solution that is constantly overlooked: Treating ‘yo self.

If you are not a fan of the T.V. Show Parks and Recreation, you may not understand this reference, though it is pretty self-explanatory. The basic idea of “Treat ‘Yo Self” is that you deserve to reward yourself for events like a job well done, or a stressful experience you’ve just endured. It’s important to remember though, that when you are treating yourself, the actual reward is not as important as the act of rewarding yourself. Was that a little confusing? Let me try again.

Basically, it doesn’t really matter if you treat yourself with a bowl of your favorite ice cream flavor, or if you buy yourself a really expensive watch. The actual act of planning something nice for yourself is far more important than the actual, physical reward.

When you plan something nice for yourself, two amazing things happen: you will have something to look forward to and you will become your top priority. Next time you have a major project, or an important goal to achieve, plan to do something nice for yourself. It will go a long way.

|Stay motivated and don’t give up. Amazing things will happen|

Julia O’Connor