Indoor Ironman: Tips and Tricks

The Indoor Ironman is one of our most popular events of the year. Hundreds of participants sign up each year with the goal of getting there long sleeve T-shirt and talking home the glory of being a indoor ironman finisher. However, every year most of the participants drop out or don’t finish before the month is over. Some don’t like swimming, some don’t like running on treadmills, and others find the bikes to be boring.  However, there are ways around each of the events to make it easier on you the participants. These tips could be the difference between you finishing, or coming up just a little short.

The Swim:

Swimming is the event that usually knocks people out before they start. These don’t want to swim and aren’t very good at it. Others still attempt it but fins it quite difficult. There are ways, however to make it much easier. First, use fins and a kickboard. During the month, you are able to borrow fins and kickboards from the pool to use to assist you. This is a big help for those who don’t like to swim or don’t know how. Also, if you want an easier way to finish this leg, you can attend the Aqua group fitness class on Tuesday nights and earn yourself 10 laps! These two things can make possibly the hardest event much easier.

The Bike:

112 MILES?!? IS THAT A JOKE?!? Sadly no it is not. That large number seems like an impossible one when you first start completing your miles. Lots of people just sit on a stationary bike and crank out miles for what seems like forever. However, there is a way to get your miles, and have a little fun in the process. The group cycling classes that are taught in the University Fitness Center are a blast! Plus, the new bikes in the studio give you an exact readout of your miles. Being entertained and constantly changing positions can be a huge help while doing this one hour class.

The Run:

The run is difficult for a lot of people because treadmills can be boring. Staring at a wall for 5 hours as you crank out miles doesn’t appeal to a lot of people. So how can you do this event with hitting the treadmill? First, Elliptical and the new cross training machines also count towards your running miles. This can give you a little variety as you go through this leg. Also, the indoor track can also count towards your miles. That way you don’t have to feel like your running in place for a long time. These things are the best way to make the running leg a little less boring.

General Tip:

Don’t wait until the last second on your miles! Having to scramble and bike 40 miles and run 6 miles in one day is not the best way to complete this challenge….Trust me.. I have done it. Make a plan and stick to it as best you can. It will help you a lot in the long run

Overall Indoor Ironman is a blast and is a great way to stay motivated. If you plan it right and follow my little tips. You will be an official indoor ironman finisher!

Stay happy and healthy

Kevin Nelsen

Staying Motivated

Spring break is over and we all know what that means. Time to come back to school, write papers, do class projects, and get ready for finals and the summer. Working out and fitness just gets put on the back burner while all the other stresses take over your life. We have been seeing big declines in gym and group fitness class attendance ever since you all came back from break. We don’t blame you, this time of the year is tough but it is important to stay motivated on both your school work and yourself.

You may be asking yourself, “Ya but how am I going to do that?” Welp that is what we are here for! We have tons of awesome things going on that can help you stay motivated on yourself, which in turn will help you stay motivated on your studies as we approach the end of the semester.

The first tip I can give you is get back into a routine. Spring break messes up the groove you might have been in before you left and nw you just don’t feel like getting back into that groove. However, it is important for you to hop right back into it immediately otherwise you might never will.

Another big thing that happens to students is that they get bored. They go to the gym, sit on a bike for 30 minutes, then leave. I would be really unmotivated to go workout to if that’s all I did every single day. We offer so many different programs and classes that you should never get bored so take advantage of them

A great way to stay motivated and add variety is through our group fitness classes. We offer tons of classes each day ranging from a mellow yet challenging Yoga class, to a high intensity, energetic class such as Total Exhaust. Another great thing about these classes is that some of them are as short as 15 minutes! Now time can’t be an excuse for you to not be motivated to workout. You can get an amazing workout in and still have time for all that homework.

During this final month we offer two programs called Indoor Ironman and ACIS challenge. Both these programs set workout goals for you to meet and have great prizes to motivate you to complete the whole challenge. I will post links at the end of this story so you can find out more about these challenges

I know it is tough at the end of the year to stay motivated. I myself have always had this problem and now that I am a senior it is worse than ever. However, it is important that you don’t give up on working out now. Working out can be a great way to clear your head, take a break, and refocus yourself when things seem overwhelming. If you can stay motivated now, you will help yourself out in the long run I can guarantee it!

Stay Happy and Healthy!

Kevin Nelsen

Indoor Ironman



YOGA for Men!

To a lot of guys, the word “yoga” means, girls, hippies, and yoga pants. We often view it as something girls do and if a male does it, he is not masculine in some way. I was not one of these guys, but I was still a little skeptical about what yoga really was and how a class is actually done. I am a big proponent of “Don’t knock it till you try it”, so I decided to give it a try before I really formed an opinion on it. Of course, part of my male bias kicked in so I made my workout buddy come along with me.

Let me tell you, Yoga is NO JOKE.

We came into the class with an open mind, thinking we would be able to handle the class pretty easily. We are both pretty athletic and strong so we didn’t think it was going to be too difficult.

We were wrong.

The class started off easy enough, doing basic stretches and warming up the muscles you were getting ready to use. Then it became difficult as we moved into some stability and balance exercises. My hips, calves and shoulders were on fire as we stood on one leg with our shoulder held straight out for what seemed like hours. As soon as you thought you were going to stop and could relax, you had to move into a new position that was even more challenging then the last.

The last part of the class was what I enjoyed the most. The instructor, Emilee, turned down the lights and had us just relax. Now I know what you’re thinking… NAP TIME!… but this was not a time to just fall asleep. You were supposed to lay there and listen to your body. This might sound REALLY corny, but hear me out on this.

I have had some pretty bad shoulder pain for the past few months now. Physical therapy and exercises help a little bit but I have never gotten it to fully go away. Part of this meditation period was to listen to your body and focus on healing the part of your body that is causing pain. So, I focused on my shoulder, and soon enough, I could just feel my shoulder melt. It was amazing to feel no pain in my shoulder for the first time in a while.

Overall this experience I had was awesome. After the class your body feels so good and you just feel relaxed.

When I talked to Emilee after class and was shocked to find out that in a normal 20 person class, she will have only 3 males. This needs to change guys! Yoga is a good way to stretch out all the muscle you have pounded with weights all week and start your rest period in a positive way.

So guys, put down your He-Man Muscle pride and try a Yoga class, and you may turn into a repeat customer like I will be.

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Kevin Nelsen
Warhawk Fitness PR Team