The Shape of Intramurals

Intramurals are one of the best parts of the programming that the Williams Center offers. They’re fun ways to stay competitive and keep yourself in shape. However, one of the biggest challenges for me was just that: Shape. 

When I showed up to our first intramural practice, I was hugely excited. I was playing a sport (soccer) that I hadn’t played since High School, and I was ready to get back into it. The team I had was a bunch of guys, some who I knew, some who I didn’t, but they were all nice and relatively skilled. We had decided to be a casual team, who would try their hardest, but we all were a bit out of shape. One guy even showed up eating a donut.

The first 15 minutes of our practice were fine. Our captain directed the drills well, and everyone listened and took criticism well. However, as practice went on, you could tell some of our team members were slowing down.

Around the 40-minute mark, most players were out of breath, including me. It didn’t look good for our chances in a game.  You could tell our technique dropped and the skills we all demonstrated earlier where to be found. Heads hung and bodies ached. We needed to get in some sort of shape. By the end of our practice, most had quit the drills and were sitting down, taking big gulps from water bottles. As a team, we made a pact to get into the Williams Center and work on the treadmills. 

Our first game was pretty fun, up until the last quarter. We hung with the other team, but ended up giving up goals at the end, because we simply couldn’t keep up. They showed up in shape. We did not. The more the season goes on, the problem will fade, but the first games of any intramural season are just as crucial as the last few.

If you or your team wants to be a dominant force in any intramural league (or any new exercise program), you’ve gotta prepare. For our team, it was stamina and eating a little better (and cutting back at $7 all you can drink.) You can’t expect your body to be able to handle a massive amount of stress it isn’t use too.

I hope you reach your fitness goals!

-Ethan Maurice

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