Spring Break to Spring Semester?

The time has come and gone and Spring Break is no more Warhawks. It is always hard to get back into the swing of things after having a week or so off. Whether you traveled to a luxurious location to vacation in or just to your home couch (which quite frankly is still luxurious), we all have a hard time adjusting back to reality. There are a couple of tips that students like ourselves can use to get back into the swing of things.

The first tip is to get organized. Whether you are on vacation, returning home or staying home for break, students need to get prepared for what their next week brings them. Look at your online syllabus and check Canvas and D2L for any upcoming assignments, quizzes or announcements that are going to happen right after break is over. It is important to get organized and stay on task before starting up again. Be prepared for what the following week may bring you. Take those 5 mins to make sure you are all ready for the rest of the semester.

The next tip is to get the ball rolling. It is very overwhelming to think about all the work that is coming up and that you need to get done. It can cause students to feel overwhelmed and not want to start. Start doing the small things to get back into normal habits. Set yourself a task and follow through with it. When it is something so simple and so easy, you can’t say no to doing it. You will no longer feel overwhelmed and start feeling more motivated. Keep setting small tasks for yourself until you feel you are at full steam.

Another tip is to have no excuses. For most students, we believe that after spring break is over, the rest of the semester is basically done. Which, in a way is kind of true, however, that doesn’t mean we should slack off or not care. Finish the semester strong and work hard like you were doing before break. Break was created to give your mind some time off, once it is over we must jump back in. You will feel better about your academic, physical, emotional and mental self.

The last tip I have for you Warhawks is to get back into routine. For myself, I would work out at the Williams Center every Monday and Wednesday morning before my class. With break, I took that time to relax and not have the same routine. It is important that we stick to our routines to have great success. Getting out of your spring break mode and going back to your normal routine will help get your mind back into finishing the semester strong.

I hope everyone had a wonderful, safe and fun spring break. It was some needed and well deserved time off. I hope you finish the semester strong and continue to work hard. Set goals for yourself and hopefully you can achieve those goals before the semester is over. Hope to see everyone at the Williams center continuing to work on their spring break bodies.

Start strong, finish stronger

Emma O’Connor

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