Gee, Thanks

What is up my Hawks? It’s your favorite Fitness Supervisor Harv here again, but today’s Blog is going to come with awful news. Don’t freak out, but this is my final Blog as a member of the beloved Warhawk Fitness and Aquatics PR team. So naturally I was looking back on my time here in at the University of Wisconsin Whitewater (Roll Hawks) and realized how thankful I am for all of the people that have impacted my life, both for better or worse, over the last four years. With that being said there is no way I will write all of you thank you notes so I decided to write a thank you to a couple of the places that have impacted my life the most. Continue reading

Turning Nature Into Your Gym

With the weather getting nicer, we are all trying to spend every second outside that we can! This can cut into our gym time though. Why be inside a gym when you can be outside? We get it! We don’t take it personal (as long as you promise to come back)! BUT did you know that you can work out outside? What a concept. The weather has taken its toll on my body! I took a few days off of the gym and realized I can’t do this all summer. I needed to figure out a way to have a fun workout while enjoying the weather and also finding places to go, and I did!  Continue reading

We Want You

What is up my fellow Warhawks? Today I am going to give you the ability to change your life with a part time Job. I know what you’re all thinking “Harv really? A part time job?” YES REALLY people. This Job will change your life and I am the perfect example of why. Over the course of this expertly written blog I will be providing not only a personal testimony but the perks of the job as well. Continue reading