Spooky Season

It’s getting to be the time of year, spooky season. The time where leaves are changing color, the air is getting brisk, and tests are creeping up! Some call it spooky season because the three months we have of fall is also a three month long Halloween, but for college students, spooky season is test “season”. The same time leaves change, so does the pace of our classes. The first weeks of introduction and basic information are over. With test coming, so does anxiety for some people. Here are three ways to help avoid test anxiety:

Don’t over study

Yeah, “over studying” is a thing. Make sure to set off some time during the day, a few hours at most, to study. I know people who study from morning to late at night nonstop and that is not healthy! It is proven that after a certain number of hours your brain stops understanding what you’re learning. Take your time, prepare in advance so you’re not scrambling days before the exam. You can also prepare by just being an active listener in your class! If you understand the material while you’re learning it, it will be easier to study it.

Being perfect is a myth

Once you stop focusing on the idea of you needing that A, is when you truly will be able to focus. It’s next to impossible to remember every distinct detail. Focus on the big picture. Focus on the concept of something rather than the small things. Also remember that yes this test is important, but will your entire future be ruined if you get below an A?

Avoid looking around the room

The energy in the room doesn’t have to determine how you feel. If someone next to you is clearly freaking out, try your best to drown it out. The more you focus on others in the room rather than focusing on yourself, the more likely you are to stress even more. Close your eyes, take a deep breath. You got this!

Taking test’s doesn’t have to be so stressful! Make sure to take care of yourself the days before and don’t overwork yourself!

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Alexis Kisgen

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