Tips From a Senior

Queue up the Thin Lizzy track because the Hawks are back in town. That’s right it’s your favorite Fitness Supervisor Harv back to slap some knowledge on y’all. Sit back and relax upperclassmen because this is geared towards the freshman, with that being said if you find my advice applicable that’s awesome! Before I give you my tips and tricks I’m going to tell you what not to do. When I came in as a freshman I was very focused on the wrong things and was a bit of an introvert. I stayed in my room and went home a lot on the weekends. My first semester at UWW was not one for the books to say the least. It took me until my junior year to really unlock my full potential as a member of this university.

First of all GET INVOLVED, I know people pounded this into you from the second you arrived this year, but it’s true. Not sure what you’re passionate about? Go to Club meetings until something gets you so excited you can’t wait to go back. For me I fell in love with the glamorous world of PR and it took me a while to find out that I wanted to do that, so don’t give up. Every single organization on campus is very welcoming and would love some new members.

Don’t be afraid to look stupid, you’re still learning this whole college thing and there’s nothing wrong with asking questions. College is a beautiful place where people from all walks of life come together and if someone tries to put you down for doing something you’re passionate about, just shrug it off. If it makes you happy never stop doing it.

My Finals words of wisdom, get a gym membership! Health is wealth and it’s amazing what you can achieve when you live a healthy active lifestyle. I know the big brutes in the Williams Center can be a little intimidating, but you have nothing to worry about. If you ever have a question or concern the friendly faces behind the desk are there to help you out! I can’t wait to make this an amazing semester and welcome to The University of Wisconsin Whitewater!

-Ryan Harvot

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