Law of Attraction

No. This is not a blog about how to get someone’s number. This is about helping you on a path to a better you! This is the Law of attraction.

Law of Attraction

Belief that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts a person brings positive or negative experiences into their life.

Another way to put it is that you attract the energy you give out. This is the golden rule of life, treat life the way you want life to treat you. It is about creating a new mindset. Now, I am just learning about this myself, so let’s learn together!


We are like magnets. We attract what we give. The more kindness you show, the more kindness you get. The more negative you show, the more negativity you get. Makes sense right? The law of attraction isn’t only about attracting positive energy. It’s about utilizing that positive energy you’re receiving and putting that towards your goals.

Set those goals

A big part of the law of attraction is manifestation. This is what the conscious minds intentions are. This is the part that attracts your desires in life. Let’s use fitness goals as an example.

  1.         Set your intention – Law of attraction is all about positive vs. negative. Rather than say “ugh I hate the way I look I have to eat better”, reword that into “I want to nourish my body and give it the vitamins and attention it needs” and use that as your guide. If your mind is excited about this change, then you will be too.
  2.         I want to vs. I am going to –  Now that you have set your intention, it’s time to tell yourself  “I am going to start eating better and working out regularly”. Start telling people what your goals are so they can help you with these goals. A really good tip that is putting your goals everywhere around your space (putting pictures everywhere). This helps remind you and really have that goal stick to you.

Achieve your goals!

If you do follow through and start seeing results, it will become easier to apply this to more things in your life. It will push you to continue giving out “good vibes” or in this case, continue your fitness journey.

I am in no way an expert of this topic, this is just my own personal interpretation of the law of attraction and manifestation. If this is something you want to bring into your life, my advice is to read and watch YouTube videos. There are many books and videos on this subject, and many viewpoints on it. Find your niche and go with it and see your life change for the better!

  • Don’t wait for the opportunity, create it –


Alexis Kisgen


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