How to Change Your Attitude Towards Fitness

When you are just beginning your fitness journey, sometimes just getting started can be the most challenging part. It is common for individuals to be nervous about joining a gym, learning how to use workout equipment, and wearing athletic apparel for the first time. Just remember that anytime someone tries something new there will be an adjustment period. The most important thing is that you just start. Once you get over the hurdle of starting your fitness journey you will find your own rhythm. Remember that even if it seems like everyone in the gym knows exactly what they are doing, they still started out at the same point as you in the beginning.

It can also be easy to compare yourself to the people around you. It is important to remember that everyone’s bodies, metabolisms, and abilities are different. It is extremely helpful to have body positivity mindset. Just because you may not be in the exact psychical shape you wish to be in, that does not mean you cannot still love your body. Your body is a part of who you are, and if you can be yourself and embrace where you are in your fitness journey it can help you to remain positive.

Another tip to help you keep a positive attitude towards fitness, is to view fitness as a lifestyle. Just going to the gym dies not make you healthy. There are many factors involved including your diet, sleep schedule, and daily habits. It can feel defeating if you are not seeing results because just one piece of the puzzle is not working. You have the ability to work on your personally fitness through the small decision you make every day. Choose to have water instead of a sugar pop at lunch, walk to the store instead of driving there, or turn off your lights and silence your phone to go to bed an hour earlier. Working on your overall health and wellness does not have to be one big overall decision, it can be made of making small changes to your personal habits to increase your overall well being.

Just like anything in life, there will be great days and there will also be some not so great days. Do not let the small challenges and setbacks make you stop working towards your fitness goals. It helps to look at the big picture of your fitness journey overall and see that you are making changes to improve your overall wellbeing. Do your best to stay positive about working on your personal fitness, because you can do this!


~All you can do is work to become a better you~

~Sadie Wrobel

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