What to do…when there is nothing to do

Winter Break PhotoSchool is finally done for the semester and winter break is here. No more exams to worry about, no more studying to do, and no more classes to attend. You may be starting to feel a peaceful wave sweep over your mind and begin to kick back your feet and let the holiday treats roll in…or you may be like me and start to feel the constant worry that you are forgetting to do something. This happens to me every single semester when classes finish up. After constantly go-go-going for so long, it can be a hard transition to just stop. Well I have just what you (maybe) need!

I put together a little list of suggestions and activities for you to do to stay productive over break, so if you’re someone needing some tips, here you go!

  1. Work Out. Even though it is technically winter break, that doesn’t mean a thing to your body. It is so easy to slip out of your work out routine and slip into a daily cookie routine. Make sure to stay motivated over break and you can come back to school feeling strong and proud!
  2. Family. Family is extremely important in life. Take this time to spend with your family. Bake cookies with your mom, play xbox with your little brother, whatever it is…make sure they know you care.
  3. Read. Have any good books that you’ve had no time to read lately? This is your chance to catch up! Nothing says Holiday break like snuggling up to a fireplace with a cup of tea and a good book in hand!
  4. Work. Winter break is the best time to work and make some money! We poor college students are always looking for some extra cash, and now that school is out it is the perfect time to work all day.
  5. Research. Okay I’m feeling nerdy so I thought I would throw this one in. Take the time you have over break to research and apply for potential internships. Everyone could use a good internship, and with some proper research you may land yourself one!
  6. Old Mates. Call up some of your old buddies from high school (if you’re still friends) and hang out. Now that everyone is home for the holidays it is the perfect time to relieve your glory days of high school.
  7. Goal List. If you are thinking that all of my suggestions are lame, make your own list. Write yourself a list and make a promise to yourself to achieve everything on it before heading back to school. Not only will you feel productive, but also you’ll feel proud!

I hope this gives you some ideas of things to do over break!

Stay Healthy, Stay Strong,
Mary Marren

Tis’ the season for over-eating!

Tis the season PhotoBy: Kenzi Weidman

I don’t know about you, but when I think of “winter break,” I think of all the delicious food that will be served at the multiple holiday events I will be attending. Let’s be honest, the food is never healthy either. In my family, the more butter and sugar you add the better the dessert will taste. My goal for this holiday season: avoid the holiday food hangover. It is always exciting to eat an abundance of desserts and other foods, but do remember the saying, “a moment on your lips is forever on your hips.” Here are some tips on how to avoid over-eating and weight gain over this wonderful winter break.

Drink lots of water. Always make sure you are consuming your daily amount of water needed to stay hydrated. When you want to avoid eating too much, drink a ton more water. It will make you feel more full and will slow down your eating pace. Something I like to do is before it is time to eat, drink a large glass of water. You will see that you won’t eat as much food because your body will feel full quicker. This will save you from consuming more calories than necessary.

Remember the reason for the season. Winter break is not all about eating delicious food. It is about spending time with you family and friends. Focus more on the social aspect of the holiday parties, rather than pulling a chair up to the buffet table.

 Find a way to stay active. Over break, some of you won’t have access to a fitness facility, just like me. What are you going to do to stay active? Try doing some at-home workouts that will keep you in shape and burn some of those holiday calories. Check out the links below for some at-home workouts.

ACE Fitness Programs
Women’s Health
Askmen At-home Workouts
Allyou: No Gym Required

Keep your sleep schedule. Yes, winter break is a time to relax and “catch up” on your sleep before the spring semester begins, but try to stay on a normal sleep schedule. Too much sleep causes your body to store more of the food you eat as fat. Too little sleep causes you to over-eat and lose focus on the healthy decisions you should be making each day. Should you sleep in and lay around some days? Of course! Just make sure you don’t do it every day otherwise going back to real life at the end of January will be a HUGE struggle.

Be realistic. Losing weight over the holidays is not a very realistic goal. Unless you shut yourself out from all the fun times to be had, but no one wants to do that. Don’t beat yourself up about having a treat here and there. The holiday season is a time to enjoy life. Make it a goal over break to maintain your weight, and pick up where you left off once 2014 is here! 

The holiday season is the best time of the year. Enjoy it! Just don’t let it ruin your body. If you are around Whitewater for winter break, click the link Williams Center Hours to find all the open hours and events going on during break. Memberships for the semester break are only $30 and are valid from December 12, 2013, thru January 20, 2013.

Happy Holidays everyone! Stay active, eat healthy, but most importantly, enjoy your time to yourself and have lots of fun!

“Always remember that it doesn’t matter how slow you go, as long as you keep on going”

~Kenzi Weidman

Tips for acing finals

FinalsBy: Eric Hess

While we are nearing the end of the semester and finals quickly approaching, many of people are going to be stressed out and it may seem like you won’t make it!  Chances are, you’re going to survive and here are some ways to help you through.

1. Create a schedule and stick to it. Schedule when you are going to study, when you are going to take breaks, when you are going to work out and whatever other commitments you may have. It is important to stick to a schedule and to not swamp yourself in studying. You need give your brain some rest and be realistic.

2. Eat healthy. If you eat like crap, you’re going to feel like crap. Which will make you less productive and sluggish. Exactly the opposite of how you want to feel during finals week. Rather than that bag of potatoes, grab some fresh vegetables!

3. Remember to set aside some time for your friends. Laughing is good and so is getting stuff off your chest. Don’t be so busy studying that you get stressed out and forget to spend time with the people that can help you out. You’ll go crazy and start talking to yourself otherwise.

4. Get proper amounts of sleep. It’s important to get your needed sleep. If you’re getting tired mid-day don’t be afraid to take a nap. A quick nap can do wonders for your studying. After you wake up of course.

5. Get some exercise. If you’re feeling stressed or just need a break, exercise could be exactly what you need. If working out or running isn’t quite your thing, we offer plenty of group fitness classes in the Williams Center including Yoga, Core Complete and Insanity if you’re up for the challenge.  

6. Back up your work! The last thing you need to add to the stress of finals week is getting almost done with that 10-page paper and boom…. your computer crashes and you lose everything. Utilize the auto save feature your computer probably has and save your work often.

7. Check your finals times! It may sound a little silly, but the last thing that you want to do is miss a final. Make sure that know when your finals are and make note of it. Don’t want all that hard work to go to waste.

Good luck to you all on your studying and finals! Remember you have almost a full month break after you make it through your finals! Remember to comment below your ways to retain your sanity during finals week.

-Yesterday you said tomorrow-

5 gift ideas that encourage health and fitness

By: Abbey Bowen

As someone who is really passionate about health and fitness, I love giving gifts that encourage my loved ones to stay in shape, especially throughout the holiday season.

These gift ideas are perfect for a fitness enthusiast or someone looking for help getting into shape:

1.) A wireless lifestyle tracker

Fit BitThis small electronic device functions to tracks your steps, daily activities, duration and quality of sleep, and how many calories you intake and burn.

Stephanie Vuolo, a health and fitness writer, promotes the lifestyle tracker made by Fitbit. It can cost anywhere from $50 to $130+. It can be worn on the wrist or clipped to a pant loop or belt.

Nike, Jawbone, Omron, Withings and BODYMEDIA and SPARKPEOPLE make similar fitness tracking products.

2.) A private personal training session

Personal TrainerIt can be really hard to stay motivated, whether you work out regularly or are trying to get into shape.

A personal trainer is the perfect solution to help anyone learn to exercise in a way that best fits their personal fitness goals and learn to make fitness fun.

(If you’re looking for a gift for a UW-Whitewater student, faculty member or those in the community, check out the personal training offered through Warhawk Fitness: http://www.uww.edu/ recsports/personaltraining/index.html)

3.)An old fashioned jump rope

Jump RopeThis one surprised me. When I think of jumping rope, I think of a little girl with pig tails popping bubble gum singing a funny playground song.

 However, after reading  Vuolo’s post about the best gifts to give someone who needs to get into shape, this really made sense.

Exercise is all about convenience, especially for someone who isn’t used to fitting it into their daily routine. A jump rope, for example, is portable and can be taken to work for a quick workout during a lunch break.

Jumping rope provides a cardio vascular workout that raises the heart rate and tones the legs.

4.) A professional body massage

MassageThis gift provides loved ones with relaxation and fitness promotion.

Massage has been shown to exercise and stretch weak or atrophied muscles, increase joint flexibility, alleviate low back pain and increase overall range of motion.



5.) A kettlebell


These ball-shaped weights can be used as a fitness tool to increase strength, cardio endurance, balance and flexibility.

They can burn fat, build total body strength and increase total endurance.
Depending on the brand and size, kettlebells range from $10 to $150+.

I hope this post will help you find the perfect gift for your family and friends!
If you can think of any other items that fit on this list, please e-mail me at BowenAK15@uww.edu.

~Remember, you have to learn to love yourself before you can truly love someone else~
Abbey :]