Netflix and Sweat?

I don’t know about you, but when I come home for break I do not have access to a gym. netflix-and-sweatThat means that the majority of my winter break consisted of watching Netflix on the couch. Now for a while this seemed to be just fine for me. But after a while I started to feel tired and out of energy. Then I thought, why not combine the two?! I could watch my favorite shows AND get a great workout in at the same time.

Something that I recently read about was to watch a TV show or movie and get in a great workout at the same time. The basic concept is that each time a character says a certain phrase or does something specific, you do a specific exercise. This way, you are able to stay entertained without losing track of your health and wellness goals. Another tip to maintain your healthy lifestyle is to have healthy snacks around when you are watching this show. Try to have some fruits and veggies around while you watch your show. You can either purchase these items and cut them yourself or you can buy pre-made platters that are just as good.

With everything going on in our lives, it is really important to remember to relax and take a break. It’s also important to make time for our personal wellness. The next time you realize you need to do both, give this fun combination a try!

|Stay motivated and don’t give up. Amazing things will happen|

Julia O’Connor

A New Year = A New You… Right?

slide1I am all about setting goals and reaching them, but I never understood why we as individuals have to wait tell the first of the year to make a goal, and how long does this goal go on for?  Until we forget about it, until we see results, a few weeks after, who knows.  In my opinion to many New Year resolutions end in failure, and I hate failure.

Make it a full out successful year by tackling one new habit a month for an entire year.  By the end of the year you’ll have twelve new habits that will benefit your years to come.

Don’t worry, I won’t leave you hanging trying to come up with new ideas each month trying to make habits out of.  Below is a list of new habits I came up with to use in my own personal 2017.

January: Lets save some money.

  • Cancel all subscriptions you aren’t using regularly. (Soptify, Nextflix, etc.)
  • Call your cable company and ask for a lower price or if they have a college discount.
  • Pack a healthy lunch instead of buying one.
  • Make your coffee at home.

February: Practice mindfulness.

  • Disconnect from technology for the day.
  • Smile more.
  • Be positive.  Tell yourself something you love about you every day.

March: Organize your life.

  • Upgrade from paper. Digitalize your paper so less clutter is around you.
  • Dispose expired items. This goes further than just food.

April: Anti-stress pickup.

  • Try out mediation. Check out Warhawk fitness yoga classes!
  • Adult coloring books.
  • Anything to set your mind free (working-out, writing, reading, cooking, etc.)

May: Indulge in fruit and veggies.

  • Drink your veggies. Increase your intake by adding veggies to a smoothie or creating your own juice.
  • Keep healthy snacks on hand.
  • Try “meatless Monday”

June: Experience over things.

  • Get involved in groups. On campus there are mor4e then 100 to join.
  • Enjoy more live music.
  • Plan a vacation. Even if it’s just for the weekend or a couple miles away.


August: Switch up your workout.

  • Try out new fitness classes on campus.
  • Hit up the machines you’ve always been too nervous to uses.
  • Ask a friend to join your workout.

September: Learn a new skill.

  • Look up cooking tutorials, or any tutorial in that matter.
  • Learn a new language.
  • Join one of those 100 clubs on campus.

October: Protect yourself.

  • Strengthen online passwords. Use a tool like LastPass to protect and keep all your passwords.
  • Keep vacations off social media until you return. The world doesn’t need to know that no one will be in your house for a week, it’s just screaming: “please come rob me.”
  • Take up a self-defense class.

November: Decrease portion size.

  • Use smaller plates. Don’t let your eyes control how much food is going on your plate.
  • Divide your plate up so you’re consuming the right amount of each food.
  • Don’t starve yourself or skip meals.

December: Practice generosity.

  • Make a commitment to volunteering.
  • Join an organization that focus on giving back.
  • Work on being generous to yourself.

I hope you learn. I hope you laugh. I hope you never stop. And remember being fit is always in style.

-Karlee Fowler

Making your Skin Better in Sweater Weather


As the snow on the ground layers up, so do we. The only thing more crucial than layering up in a thick knit, heavy sweater is lathering up on heavy moisturizers. According to, the moisture in your skin is evaporates and gets dry just as the air does during the winter. The toll that our skin takes from the harsh brisk air has coined the name “winter skin”.

While it’s no question that we rather be somewhere warm, lathering up in sunscreen instead of coping with our winter skin -it’s important that we accommodate to our environment for the sake of health skin.

The easiest solution to healthy, moisturized skin may seem obvious, but there is more to consider when implementing your skin care plan than just slapping on thick layers of moisturizers and creams. Here are ways to create your best skin care regimen to combat winter skin:


Home Remedies: Don’t limit yourself to just lotion. There are plenty of natural oils that can assist in healthy skin. The best lotion substitutes may very well already be in your household. Grab some coconut oil or olive oil to apply on problematic areas and leave on overnight.

Humidifier: You can’t control the dry air outside but you might as well make sure the air around you is skin friendly while you’re inside. Getting a humidifier will replenish the lack of moisture in the air and in your skin.

Fragrance Free Fabric softeners: The fragrance that is found in softeners might be the only pleasant thing about laundry day but fabric softeners that are unscented will be your best bet for obtaining happy skin. According to Harvard Medical school, the additives in softeners and detergents can irritate your skin.

Limit hot showers: This might be the most sufferable tip to abide by during the winter time but if you at least limit your hot showers to half of your usual shower time, you can easily improve your skin’s health. Either lukewarm showers or warm showers without your face directly in the hot water will promote good maintenance of moisture in your complexion.


“It’s a good day to have a good one.”

-Alena Purpero

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