Week 15- Journalism Ethics in the age of Digital Journalism

7 12 2015

This week I watched the video of Scott Pelley as he accepts the Fred Friendly First Amendment Award. Pelley talks about how social media has changed how journalism today. He makes the statement that “Twitter, Facebook and Reddit are not news, but gossip.” I think that a lot of people forget this while reading news online. I feel that in todays society, people take the “news” too seriously when it comes to reading social media, people forget that it is very easy to make up a story and have it spread online. Anyone can call themselves a journalist, but not everyone is. If someone posts a story on Facebook, that does not make them a journalist, it makes them a gossiper. In order to have a story, the facts need to be correct and checked.


Pelley talks about how Friendly said “If your first no one will ever remember, if you’re wrong, no one will ever forget.”  This is very true, being the first does not make a difference if the information is not correct. It is important to fact check and make sure the story is correct, then it is to be the first to report on a story. News outlets try and be the first for a story, but I think that sometimes people forget that being first is not the most important part, its the information that counts.

I believe that Pelley makes very good points in his speech, and that more journalists need to remember the facts he gave. Being the first is not important, but the information being reported is. Don’t accept everything you read online, make sure that the facts are correct. Don’t forget the principles of journalism, and the ethics of reporting a news story. Being a journalist is important and hard work, that pays off when you love what you are doing.

Week 14- Once a Journalist, Always a Journalist

30 11 2015

The article I read this week is about Maslin Nir who is a  journalist for the New York Times. Nir was set to cover the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade back in 2010 when she was woken up by a strange man in her apt. She realized that someone had broken in and was attacking her, telling the attacker where her money and valuables were, the man left. Nir was stabbed in just beside her popliteal artery. Nor was taken to the hospital.


Angel Franco, a New York Times photo journalist was covering the parade with Nir, and was confused when she did not show up. Franco keep calling people from the paper to find out where Nir was, and finally fob out what had happened. Franco and Nir had never worked together before, but that didn’t stop Franco from going to the hospital to check on Nir. Franco spent some of that Thanksgiving in the hospital, getting to know Nir and her mother.

Nor did not let the attack stop her from covering stories, being a journalist is important to her. Nor has since gone to dark parts of the city to get a good story. Once being a journalist is in your blood, it is hard to step away.

Although Franco had never worked with Nir, there was a bond that was formed from both being journalists. Journalists have a bond, it didn’t matter that Nir and Franco had never worked together, they were still there for each other in a time if need. This is important in the journalism field, a lot of people think that journalism is a backstabbing field.  People think that backstabbing to get a story is the only way, but this article proves that is not always the case. Journalists stick together, and will help out in a time of need. Its always nice to know that there are good people in this world.

Week 13- From ESPN to Shinning Shoes

23 11 2015



The article I read this week is about a man, Jeff Bradley, who once worked for ESPN The Magazine and the Network Star-Ledger, writing sports stories and has been laid off from the magazine. Bradley worked at county club over the summer as a clubhouse attendant, shining shoes and doing other duties. Some of the members mistook him for a club member, and to others he is known as “the sportswriter.” People would asked what happened. Bradley was not making enough freelancing to pay the bills so he found the job at the country club, it payed $15 plus tips. His wife is a special education teacher, and they have two kids, one of which is a college freshman. Bradley has faced the struggle of being rejected by entry level jobs and has not had a meaningful interview in over a year. The Country club is closed for the season so Bradley is now back to looking for a new job.

I found this article interesting because I had originally wanted to go into sports broadcasting, more of being on TV than writing, but it hit close to home. Being a journalist is harder work than people believe it is, and being laid off after years of writing makes it hard to find a job. I think this is a good article to show that it is hard to make it as a journalist. With blogging and social media, people are loosing their jobs to “average Joes” and are having a hard time finding new ones. This is something to think about, getting into the real world with a journalism degree. I hope this doesn’t happen to me, or someone I know.

Week 11- Words People Write but Never Say

16 11 2015



This week I read an article about words that journalists or whoever, write but never say out loud in an actual conversation. I had never really thought of this before but its true, there are a lot of words that are written but people do not normally use them in everyday conversation. The top 10 words were:

  • Lambaste
  • Foray
  • Ballyhoo
  • Tout
  • Oust
  • Fornicate
  • Salvo
  • Pontiff
  • Bolster
  • Opine

Me personally I do not think that I have used any of those words in my writing, but I for sure know that I do not talk like that in a normal conversation. People tweeted and used Facebook to add words to that list. Some of the comments included words: funds, firestorm, thus, furthermore, etc…

I do have to agree that when writing a story people will write differently than they talk. I think that people like to make sure they sound smart on paper, and will use different words. I will think of this next time I go to write a paper, and when I’m typing think “would I say this in real life?” I bet that I will for sure find words that I am trying that I would not say in normal conversation.

I think that this should be a challenge, for journalists to really think abut what they are writing and if that is how people talk? I bet that a lot of people will find that they write differently than they talk in real life.

Top 10 Travel Destinations

9 11 2015

Week 11- How Journalism has Changed

9 11 2015



This week I read a blog written by Jim Romenesko, who likes to write about journalism. Romenesko received an email form Martin Dolan, who had been a journalist for 32 years starting out as a copy editor. The email talks about Dolan’s years as a journalist and how that has changed. “In the old days being a journalist was about as cool as you could get” Dolan writes. Being a journalist used to mean writing stories and being the big man on campus but all that has changed in the last few years

Social media makes it easy for anyone to be a journalist, as people can make anything public to read. Newspapers used to be the main source for news, and now twitter has all the breaking news right as it happens. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy social media, but I also know that it has changed how journalism is viewed. This blog makes me a journalist, per say, and yet I don’t feel that I can give myself that title. I think that journalism has definitely changed and it has taken away a lot of jobs.

Dolan was forced to take a buyout, because his job is not as important as it used to be. Newspapers have become a thing of the past and it has taken a lot of talented people down with it. Being a journalism student it makes me sad to think of all the jobs that are now gone. I think that journalism is very important, but it is a changing and dying field. People still need their news, but social media makes it a lot easier to receive it. When I told people I was going to school for journalism I get that look, the look of “thats nice but will that pay the bills?” Being a journalist is not as cool as it used to be. People who go into journalism need to really love what they do. Journalism is important, I just wish people knew how much work goes into writing a hard hitting story.

Week 10- Pile on the Miles

2 11 2015


This week I read an article about piling on the miles and not the pounds. This is a annual event where anyone can sign up online, and log their miles, by walking or running. This is meant to be a run event for people to exercise more during November, a time when people  normally gain weight instead of loosing it.


I think that this a a good idea, being a runner it is always fun to get involved in something that has to deal with running. This event is free to sign up, and allows people to win prizes for exercising. This is not meant to be a fun thing and for “progress not perfection”.

I like that this is virtual,  10 years ago this would not have been a thing that people would do. This show just how far technology has come. The internet does not need to be seen as a way to be lazy and waste time, this shows that people can be active. The idea that strangers can motivate each other to work out and live a healthier life is something that I love to see. Whats better then working out and possibly winning a prize? I can’t think of anything.

Week 9- Selling Online Ad space for NFL Live-Stream

26 10 2015


The article I choose this week was on the NFL and their choice to sell ads for Jacksonville Jaguars vs The Buffalo Bills live in London. This game aired on Sunday October, 26 at 9:30 a.m Eastern time. I have written a story before about the NFL and how they sell ads, but this one is a little different. The NFL wanted to test how american football would do in other countries, and the game was only broadcast on TV in the Buffalo and Jacksonville markets. Yahoo carried the game online, and this is where selling the ads comes into play. Toyota was one of the major sponsors, sponsoring the halftime show.


Toyota choose to advertise because they thought it would be a smart marketing move,  something Toyota Motors vice president for marketing Jack Hollis did not want to miss. “You don’t get a chance to be part of firsts very often,” Mr. Hollis said. “And, from a Toyota standpoint, I like to be part of historic firsts. And as a process of our partnerships with Yahoo and the N.F.L., it was an easy decision.” The cost of the ads were not released, but it was thought to be around the same amount as a normal ad running during an NFL broadcast.

I think that Toyota was smart to jump on the bandwagon and advertise, with the internet being so important, I’m sure that his ads were seen by a lot of people. I also think that in the future more games will be streamed online, and possibly played in another county if this game was successful.Taking risks in advertising is something that I think more big companies should be doing.

I know from watching videos online that you see the same ad over and over again while you wait for your show to come back. I don’t know about you, but those ads that I see stick with me because I have seen them so many times. Whether you like it or not, you will think about that companies ads throughout the day. So Toyota was smart to make sure that people will be thinking about them after watching the game.


Did Back To The Future really predict the Future?

21 10 2015

The Future is bright for the Cubs


Did Back To The Future 2 really predict the future for the Cubs. In the movie, they show the Cubs winning the world series in 2015, who knew the Cubs would even make it to The World Series?


Week 8- Live Tweeting

19 10 2015


This article talked about the importance of when to live tweet and when to schedule. With social media being such an important part of the culture, it is important to know when and what you should be tweeting. Now this is not as relevant if you are not tweeting for a company or brand, but regardless it is nice to know. In the article it talks about making sure that your social media team is all on the same page. You want to make sure that two people are not sending a tweet at the same time, or tweeting two topics that are unrelated.


Scheduling tweets is easy to do, and is smart for companies who do not have time to sit on social media all the time. Hootsuite is a website that lets you schedule tweets, Facebook posts, and Instagram posts. A company wants to make sure that they are also live tweeting as well as scheduled tweets. A major event should be live tweeted, as long as that event matches the interest of the followers. An example from the article is not tweeting the Oscars if your audience is high finance.

Live tweeting is a large effort, seeing as you need to listen to the audience and interact with them as well. Not everything needs to be live tweeted, but if you do not interact with the followers, they will get bored. Staying relevant to what is happening in the world is the most important aspect of social media. Listen to what the followers are saying, and tweet off of their interests.

Twitter is a good way for business to interact with their followers, as well as a good way to give new information. Live tweeting is important but you can also schedule tweets that are general and do not need to be sent or read at a certain time or place.