Check Out the 2016-17 Club Calendar of Events!

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The 2016-17 Optimist Club Calendar of events has been updated, and is now viewable here, on our blog! To view it, click on the calendar link on the right side of the page, or find it in our “Club Documents” section, above.

It is also viewable here: 2016-17 Club Calendar of Events

Have a lovely and optimistic day! ūüôā

Optimist, Week 16

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Good Evening, Optimists,‚Äč

Here are just a few Optimist tidbits for the coming week:

1) ¬†This Tuesday’s meeting will be held at Jessica’s Restaurant, starting at 5pm. ¬†Marie Koch (Chamber Director) will be our guest speaker. ¬†We will also chat about Trivia Night, the Easter Egg Hunt, and the Gyro Stand. ¬†We hope you can join us.

2)  We will also have a meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 31 at 12:00pm in UC 259B (next to where we usually meet).  This was not originally on our calendars.  Dave is waiting for a confirmation on our guest speaker.  Catering will be provided, and we will recognize Youths of the Month from the Middle School.

3)  Lanora has sent out the sign up list for Trivia Night.  We are three weeks away from hosting the event.  There are many slots that need to be filled yet.  Please check your schedules and sign up if at all possible.  Our goal is to raise $11,000.  We need many hands to help make this happen.  We could also use help with food contributions for the volunteer room at Trivia Night, gift cards and other items for the silent auction, and extra clothes baskets/wicker baskets for the silent auction.  Please contact Kim if you are able to assist.  Jan has sent out a note to team captains for Trivia Night.  We welcome your assistance in helping to recruit teams for the event.

4)  We will be organizing the Optimist Storage Room on Tuesday, Jan. 31 from 4:30pm Р6:00pm in Starin Hall.  If you are able to help out, please contact Kim (we will need to let people into the hallway area).

5)  Please remember to complete the Optimist meeting survey that Brandon Lindhom sent out this past Tuesday.  It takes less than a minute to complete.  Your feedback is important to us.

We are grateful for your Optimism! ¬†As always– “just keep smiling!”

Kim & Angie ūüôā

Optimist, Week 15

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Happy Sunday, Optimists!

We do just have to say–“what a Packer game!”

On to Optimist business.  Please note the following:

1)  We will begin the University semester with our Club meeting on Tuesday at noon in UC 259A.  Catering will be provided, and Artanya Wesley (our new Dean of Students at UW-W) will be out guest speaker.  

2) ¬†Please watch for a survey to be sent out by our Intern Brandon Linholm. ¬†It should take less than two minutes to complete. ¬†The board has approved the survey–which will help us to learn when the best times are to hold meetings for our members. ¬†Please share your feedback. ¬†Your input is important!

3)  We received a check for $1650 from UW-W Athletics for Football Ticket Taking.  Thank you to Frank for coordinating the sign up list and to all members who assisted with taking tickets during our regular season and post season home games.

4)  Trivia Night Planning will be going strong during the remaining 4 1/2 weeks before the event (Friday, February 17).  Our next planning meeting will be this Friday at 11:45am in UC 268.  If you are interested in helping with the planning or in helping to staff the event, please contact Kim or Lanora.

5) ¬†Thank you to Connie Murray for saying “yes” to chairing the Easter Egg Hunt. ¬†Mark your¬†calendars for Saturday, April 8 to welcome kids of all ages, the Easter Bunny and McGruff. ¬†The event will be held at the Whitewater Middle School–rain, snow or shine!

6)  We are sad to say goodbye to Teshona Bennett and Josh Tepps as members.  They have both submitted their resignations.  PLEASE keep inviting potential new members to our meetings.

Thanks so much–and “just keep smiling!”

Kim & Angie ūüôā

Trivia Night 2017, Update!

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Join us for our 4th Annual Trivia Night, co-sponsored with the UW-W Student Optimist Club to¬†be held Friday, February 17, 2016. There is only room for 30 teams so don’t delay.

Information Flyer.

Team Registration Form.

Information about sponsorship,¬†silent auction donations and more will be made available from this page. See the links to the right under the heading ‚ÄúHelpful Links.‚ÄĚ

Optimist, Week 14

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Greetings, Optimists,

Thank you to those who served as judges for the Academic Decathlon this past Friday.

Our first Club meeting of 2017 will be on Tuesday, January 17 (the first day of classes at the University).  Our guest speaker will be Artanya Wesley (our new Dean of Students at UW-W).  We hope we can have a good turnout at the meeting to greet and learn about Artanya.  We will continue into the new year with a catered meal.

Please watch for a brief survey regarding meetings to be sent out by our intern Brandon in the next week.

Thanks and stay safe on our slick streets and sidewalks.

Of course, we encourage you to “just keep smiling!”

Kim & Angie ūüôā

Optimist, Week 13

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Happy New Year, Optimists!

We hope you have had happy and healthy holidays!

On Tuesday, January 10 at noon in UC 268 will be our next Board meeting.  There will be no Club meeting.

Our first Club meeting of 2017 will be on Tuesday, January 17 (the first day of classes at the University).  Our guest speaker will be Artanya Wesley (our new Dean of Students at UW-W).  We hope we can have a good turnout at the meeting to greet and learn about Artanya.  We will continue into the new year with a catered meal.

Thanks and. . . just keep smilin’ in 2017!

Kim & Angie ūüôā

Optimist, Week 12

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Greetings for the New Week, Optimists!

 Thank you for your support of our December programs, to date.

 Tuesday, we will meet at Noon in UC 259A for Youth of the Month, honoring our high school students.  Ryan Callahan from Continuing Education will also be our guest speaker.

There is no scheduled meeting on December 28.  The board also agreed there will no longer be a meeting on January 3.  Enjoy the two weeks off from meetings and programs! 

The board also¬†discussed two items related to our regular Optimist meetings.¬† One, there was discussion about the continuation of catered lunches.¬† We are not always meeting our quota of 15–therefore needing to tap into the Club budget to cover on meals where we are short. ¬†Two, there was discussion about potentially changing (or rotating) the day of the week we meet (as well as the time).¬† Our intern Brandon will be¬†creating a survey related to these topics in order for you to provide your feedback.¬† When you see it in your email, please complete it and return it promptly.¬† Thanks, in advance for your investment of time.

Thanks again to our interns–Rachel and Brandon for a great semester!

Remember . . . just keep smilin’!

We wish you a happy and safe holiday season,

Kim & Angie