Week 44 Update, Optimist Club

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Happy SUMMER, Optimists!  Since Kim is out of state, Dave and I have agreed to take turns with the weekly newsletter.  I’m happy to share some great news!

As Kim mentioned last week that we Optimists have lots to celebrate;

Most of our major fundraisers for the summer are DONE!  We had good member turnout for those projects like the Gyros Stand and the Jefferson County Fair as well as some fun at the Relay for Life, the paver painting parties and our summer social.  Sure seems like there is always SOMETHING happening with our club and members!

Now for some really exciting news:

1) We are pleased to announce that Lenora Heim, the Special Ed/Pupil Services Coordinator for Whitewater’s School District and one of the creators of the Family Emergency Fund that our club supports, has reactivated her membership in our club!  Welcome back, Lenora and we’re so glad to have you with us!

2) Along with Lenora, Joe Lynch, a member of our club since March of last year, and Whitewater H.S. Vice-Principal, will be helping us to plan a Welcome Back Pep Rally for the Whitewater Unified School District faculty and staff.  We will be presenting a brief program to those attending (250 will be invited) to illustrate the partnerships we as an organization have with the District and actively recruit new members from the District.  Our Advertising Intern, Kelly, will be assisting me with some of the details in using an E-Vite and hopefully we will see many new faces in our ranks by the end of Sept.  The event will be announced as soon as final details are arranged but we are counting on several of our members as well as School district Administrative staff to help with a picnic themed event.  Anyone of our members who would like to help should contact me at your earliest convenience.

3)  It is a pleasure to announce the slate of candidates for the 2014-2015

UW-W/Community Optimist Club for the Executive Board;

The following members have agreed to serve in the following positions:

President – Dave Halbach

Co – Vice Presidents – Jim and Carol Miller (Jim will forgo attendance at Board Meetings but will step up to handle meetings in Dave’s absence)

Secretary Jan Olson

Co-Treasurers – Kate and Ken Ksobiech (Yeah, for our first year members!)

Board Members – Barb Dickens will complete the second year of her term, while Jeanine Fassl and Denise Kaminski will begin serving the first year of their two year terms.  (Thanks to Al Hutchison and Anne Fellows for their service these past two years on the board!)

Past President  –  Kim Adams

There is still no one who has come forward to serve as President Elect, but we still have time to add that name….HINT, HINT!!!  Also, anyone who is interested is serving in any of the above office still has time to put their name on the ballot!  REALLY, we can have an “election” .

4) Lastly, in light of the Annual Installation Banquet we have every year, we are in need of several members to form the planning committee for that event scheduled for Sept. 30, at a place to be announced later.  Please contact Kim, Dave or me if you are interested in helping with that event.

Let’s all keep our travelers to Burkina Faso and Yellowstone in our thoughts and prayers for safe travels and returns.

Don’t forget, we have only one meeting scheduled for August due to the return of students and staff at the end of August.  Please make every attempt to attend our meeting on Aug. 12 from noon to 1 pm in UC 259A.   We will begin looking to next year’s planning so please be part of the conversation at this meeting.

This is going to be a great year for Optimism!

Jeanine Fassl

UWW/Community Optimist Club


Emeriti Faculty


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