Week 32 Update, Optimist Club

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Good Monday, Optimists,

I will start off my weekly note by reminding you that we do not have a noon meeting on May 20. Rather, we will meet from 5-7pm at the Lakefront Pub in the Whitewater Room. Our new student intern, Kelly Holck will be joining us for this meeting.

Thank you to all who helped with baseball ticket taking this past week/weekend. And…thank you to our rummage sale coordinators! It was a beautiful weekend for outdoor activities.

When you have a chance, check out the “This Week in Whitewater” link. There is a nice story about the “Ambulance for Africa.” Jeff did a great job of capturing Hassimi’s story. (Please disregard the bit about the rummage sale. I tried to explain that our students were selling hotdogs at the rummage sale for the ambulance, not running the rummage sale for the ambulance.)

Please note our summer meeting schedule below. Our meeting on May 27 will be our last catered meal of the season. Please note, that all other meetings, you are encouraged to bring your own lunch (at the UC), order off the menu (at the Lakefront), or contribute to our summer party/potluck on July 29.


  • May 20, (Lakefront Pub), 5:30pm, individuals order off of menu
  • May 27, (UC 259A), Noon meeting; last catered meal of the season
  • June 10 (UC 268), Noon meeting, bring your own lunch
  • June 24 (Lakefront Pub), 5:30pm, individuals order off of menu
  • July 15 (UC 259A), Noon meeting, bring your own lunch
  • July 29 Summer gathering/potluck at Kim and Angie’s; 5:30pm – 8:30pm
  • August 12 (UC 259A), Noon meeting, bring your own lunch
  • August 26 (Lakefront Pub), 5:30pm, individuals order off of menu

I have attached the Optimist Board Minutes, May 13, 2014 on Tuesday, May 13. We will be following the discussion suggestions listed in the minutes. Note that the meeting locations for the UC are correct in this email. I just confirmed them with Room Reservations.

I have also attached the Jefferson County Fair Sign Up 2014. Please get back to Don and Lou on that event. Duane has been sending out the Gyro Stand sign up info. We need more helpers–PLEASE. I will email the sign up over the weekend regarding highway clean up. Right now, it looks to be a good group for May 29 at 4:45pm. Rick, Mike and Al have the Fishing Derby well in hand for Saturday, June 7 at Cravath Lake. Willing helpers are encouraged to jump in on this event. Jordan Hammer of the UW-W Fishing Club and some of their members will be assisting, as well.

Next week’s meeting will feature Youths of the Month, as well as guest speakers Maggie and Dick Winz on the Ten Chimneys of Genesee Depot.

Thanks for reading. It was a lot to report this week!

In Optimism,

Kim 🙂