Welcome Professor Andrea Romero



Dr. Andrea Romero has recently been hired as a tenure track faculty member, and will be teaching for the Biological Sciences, Environmental Sciences, and Gender and Women’s Studies departments. Dr. Romero graduated from the University of Kansas with a PhD in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology.



Hobbies:  My hobbies include travel; traveling to new places, as well as playing games with and enjoying the company of family and friends.

Research:  I have two active lines of research. First, I am interested in understanding how mammal communities respond to human-induced changes to the environment. Second, I look at issues of women and people of color in the sciences, and aim to inform practices to create a more inclusive scientific community.

Personal Life:  My family consists of my spouse (Brian), and my recently born son (Jordi). An interesting fact about me is that my friends can rarely beat me at a game of Scrabble or Boggle: challenge issued!

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